So I found this super cute christmas layout that I wanted to use…but when I tried putting the code in it turned out really weird and funky.  Ah well…win some ya lose some…maybe I’ll go look for a new one tomorrow…I’m getting kinda bored with it.  Today was a good day…its been really long though.  I got up for church and made some pancakes 🙂 they were yummy!  I was really bummed because Gui cancelled on me and didn’t go today.  He was planning on it last night but I guess he had to stay back and clean for something they were doing today.  I was a little bummed out.  Dan Cook went to church with me though…he went to Ionia high school and used to go to my church back home a long time ago.  I talked to him at intervarsity a couple weeks ago and he hadn’t found a good church down here so he went with me…but he’s transfering to grand valley next semester…so this is his last week down here.  At least he got to go to a good church once!  Maybe gui will go with me to bible study at PK’s tomorrow…doubtful…but I’ll ask.  I didn’t run today…took the day off.  I had run 8 days in a row.  We had our cross country banquet today.  That went really well…though I road with sarah and pierre up to the banquet and we kinda got a little lost and ended out at 21 mile when we were supposed to be at 16 mile.  It wasn’t our fault they gave the exit and road a different name other than 16 mile – which was what the map had on it.  Oh well…we made it just in the nick of time!  We had some yummy food there too!  Then mom brought me christmas cookies!!!  …and my credit card bill!  haha!  Not too much else…I forced myself to study for a little while.  Not the most fun thing on earth.  I did more studying last night though.  I went and helped sarah and leah on the boogie picture board for mel for at the banquet today and then made myself study.  Spanish exam tomorrow!  But its not until 1:20 so I am gonna sleep in 🙂  I don’t know if I’m gonna run in the morning or after the exam…i guess it depends on when I wake up and if I have the get up and go in the morning! lol.  We’ll see.  I’m gonna get going so I can write in my real paper journal and do my devos before I hit the hay.  Have a stupendous week everyone! ~ T


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