Ibby visited me on xanga…I feel special šŸ™‚  Its been pretty quiet around here.  Everyone is finishing up finals week, studying like crazy.  I think my roommates get mad at me sometimes because I don’t study very much! lol.  Sometimes being blessed with a natural ability to do well in school isn’t the best thing!  However, it is great at times! šŸ™‚  I did study a little for my humanities exam today…and I did study a little sunday night for spanish and humanities.  I guess I just skim my notes and refresh my memory pretty much.  Humanities went pretty well I think.  There was one part that I didn’t like…my professor only briefly covered the idea in her lectures and it wasn’t on the study guide at all…interpreting the political statements of a few different paintings.  I bs’d it, hopefully it was okay! lol.  My spanish exam went well yesterday I think.  Not too painful!  Thursday is my last exam…geology.  I will have to study some for that one…I just have to get motivated enough to do it!  Its hard because I think…ah I have til thursday…but its only a day and a half away!  I wish all my exams were on one day! lol…just get ’em done and over with.  I’ve never really gotten too nervous for exams…I pay attention in class and do well on them. 

Gui didn’t go with me to Bible Study last night…didn’t think he would…he said he wanted to but told Bruno that he’d go to the latenight breakfast thing with him.  I dunno.  Bible Study was a total blast though!  The topic was something like “things you need to know about the opposite sex”…it was good stuff I’m telling you what…oh the chapter in the book was called “crossing gender lines” or something really close to that.  We usually go from 8 to 9…we went until almost 10 talking about this stuff! lol.  Then afterward we got a mad game of pictionary going! lol.  That was fun.  I got back about quarter to one I think.  I went to bed pretty late…thats becoming routine lately! lol…to bed late and then sleep in!  Its awesome…though I can’t do that on thursday…lol…8am exam!  Ugh! hehe. 

I still don’t have my shoes thing figured out…coach is talking to his wife who does orthotics and stuff to see when she can fit me in and all.  I need something!  My insurance won’t cover orthotics either so its all gotta come out of my pocket…ugh.  I don’t even know how much they are going to cost there.  I’m gonna guess somewhere in the 100-200 dollar range.  Some places will charge as much as three or four hundred for orthotics!  The places hanson’s recommended me to were 150 and 180…and I think someone told me going through coach’s wife would be cheaper.  We’ll see…I guess I’ll pay whatever I have to…don’t really have any other choice! 

Not too much else is going on around here.  All I have to do today is run sometime.  When I feel like it šŸ˜‰ hehe.  I’ll probably go run over at matthaei…well…maybe.  I am ellipticalling after I run too so I get more of a workout in since I can only run three right now…I could probably up it to four now…but I’m not going to until I get new shoes…I don’t want to start flirting with danger.  So after I’m done running I get on the elliptical for twenty or so more minutes, I don’t like the ellipticals at matthaei…but I need to do my PT and I like running at matthaei better…so maybe I will.  I kinda miss the pool running…lol…or maybe the socialization haha!  Anyway…I’m going to go…I really wanna bake right now…but that means I have to get my butt up and go buy some chocolate chips and such.  If I did that I’d probably just eat the bag of chocolate chips!  I have been on a major chocolate kick the past two weeks!  Its bad…but I have absolutely no chocolate here so maybe it’ll help me kick this habit šŸ˜‰ hehe.  I bought some hummus the other day because I wanted to try it and its pretty good…so is couscous!  I like to try new stuff…so today for lunch I took a tortilla shell…spread half of it with hummus and topped it with couscous and then folded it in half šŸ™‚ yummy!  I should probably stop rambling now though…and get to doing something constructive…like studying!  Talk to you all later! ~ T


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  1. If you’re going to eat the chocolate chips. Personally I prefer Ghirardelli 60% cocoa bittersweet chocolate chips. I keep a bag in the fridge for when I need a hit of chocolate. It’s an addiction. They say that 6 ounces is good for you. If 6 ounces is good, isn’t more better?

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