As I begin to write this its not quite 8:30 yet…and I’m done with my geology exam that started a half hour ago AND made it back to my apartment.  I finished my exam in 17 minutes! lol.  A sixty-five question exam…thirty multiple choice, thirty T/F and then five multiple choice extra credit questions.  Not too bad 😉  Now I just hang out here the rest of the day…I need to run sometime too…and probably take a nap…I finally got to sleep around quarter after three!  Four hours of sleep baby! lol.  Then we have the xc christmas party at coach’s at seven and then I get to go home from there!  I’m just super happy that he lives on the way home! lol.

Yesterday was a crazy day for not having anything to do.  I got up at ten thirty 🙂 and made some yummy french toast.  Then I sat around for two hours and headed over to the training room to have them get ahold of the doctor to write me a scrip for orthotics.  They were supposed to be in at one…they didn’t show up til ten to two   I could have had my workout done in that time! lol.  Carleta was the one who finally showed up and she told me to go run and she would call Paul, the head trainer, and talk to him and to come back afterward.  I ran my four miles…yep four!…did my sit ups and stretched and went back.  She still had to talk to him…she called and left a message and I iced my foot while we waited for him to call back (she says I have tendonitis in my foot).  He calls back about fifteen minutes later and says he wont have the doc write me a scrip until the doc sees me himself and says I need orthotics and that won’t happen until after christmas break…so in two or three weeks.  Basically he’s telling me…I don’t care what happens to you, run in the broken down shoes and get injured again because we don’t care…we like hurting our cross country runners.  Good ole trainers for ya.  I have to talk to coach about what we’re gonna do when I go there tonight.  I might just go into gazelle’s in GR when I am home just because they have a better selection of shoes and at least they’ll sell me a pair unlike hansons who insist I need orthotics.  We’ll see. 

So what else…oh yea…by the time I got out of there it was almost four…so I came back to the apartment and ate because I wanted to finish up my Christmas shopping before the powerhouse christmas party.  Traffic was horrendous as always going out of the city on the expressways anytime between four thirty and seven…but I made it to where I wanted with about an hour to shop…not too much time…but workable since I didn’t need much.  I found what I wanted with twenty minutes to spare…but then I hit a car in the parking lot.  Yep…just peachy huh?  It was in the parking lot while I was turning onto one of the little roadways in between rows…well one car went by and there was another one coming but they slowed down so I started to turn…and this btw was way out in the middle of the parking lot where there were no parked cars…but you still follow the roadways not cutting across all the spots…well anway, I started to turn and the car that had passed by stopped in this parking spot that I was cutting the corner of a little bit.  Hey, it was out in no-man’s land…you’ve all done it…so I bumped it.  Nothing major.  I have a little dent on my passenger side right by the light, almost on the hood!…there was already one there I think, it just made it a little bigger.  It was an suv that I bumped so it sits up higher and its bumper caused the dent…there was nothing done to the suv except a little bit of my paint came off and put a paint streak on it.  This girl gets out…I’m guessing 17 yrs old, high school, new car from daddy…she’s like oh my gosh…this is a brand new car I’m gonna need to get that fixed…I need all your insurance info.  She gets on the phone with daddy and then its…call you right back okay.  I give it to her and she’s like I’m definetly going to need to get that fixed…I was just like ummm okay you have a little paint on your bumper that I can just about wipe off with  my glove all  you need to do is buff it out…I’m the one with a dent and I don’t even care.  I guess whatever…I’m just praying she went home and her dad looked at her and laughed and said don’t worry about it.  Thats what I’m really praying…lol.  I tell you a secret…my mom has hit my brothers truck harder in our driveway than what I hit her vehicle…hahaha.  We’ll see…I told her to call me if they had to get any repairs on it just so I know.  After that I went to powerhouse which was alright…nothing to majorly exciting…some good food though 🙂  Then I came back to the apartment and went over my geology notes for fifteen minutes and did some other stuff.  Yea…not too much else going on.  I realized though that its taken me longer to type this out than it did to take my exam…hehe!  I’m gonna get going though…nap time.  I need one!!! Have a holly jolly Christmas everyone! ~T


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  1. Demolition derby in the parking lot. You think of everything. I hope nothing comes from that incident. When are you heading home?  Safe travels to you when you do.

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