Happy day-after-Christmas 🙂  Christmas was good.  I got up and went to church with dad, mom and tabitha…my brothers went to church someplace else.  After church was a yummy lunch of parmesan chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and snickers salad.  Once our tummies were full and the mess was cleaned up it was time for presents.  We had already had Christmas at my grandpa and grandma sabins on friday and at my grandma vanderstels on saturday so I was kinda bummed because once we opened our gifts it was like the end of Christmas.  Not that gifts are all that Christmas is…but now there aren’t any more parties or get togethers to look forward to.  I like to spread them all out not have them one right after another.  Besides…if they are spread out its easier on my stomach 😉 hehe. 

I was excited because I got a digital camera (from grandma…which mom does all the shopping for her! lol) 😀  Thats all I really wanted! lol.  I got some other good stuff too…I got an mp3 player…a rio with an armband and stuff for running.  I didn’t really want an ipod…there are pro’s and con’s to them…but I really didn’t want one, I wanted a different mp3 player.  Hopefully I’ll like this one 🙂  I can’t wait to get to my computer back at the apartment so I can start downloading some music onto it.  I knew I should have brought it with me! lol…I just didn’t think there was much of a point since I can’t hook it up to the net here and its not like I have any papers or anything due!  Oh well…I can wait until this weekend…lol.  I got some cd’s and books and a super soft bathrobe too.  Dustin got me the winter boots I wanted…I’m all set to go out and play in the snow now!  Yaaay!  BUT we need to get some snow first!!!  I am so bummed…its not cold enough at all…the snow we were getting all melted on contact, that and the outdoor ice rink in lowell isn’t open because its not cold enough for the ice to freeze!  I wanted to go sledding at bertha brock park this week.  It doesn’t look too promising!  Forrest got me some gas cards!  I was super excited about that…I can definetly use those!  It pretty much costs forty bucks to go from detroit to home and back to detroit…just under maybe.  I’m spending almost eighty bucks over break (since I have to go back to detroit for new years eve).  Oh well…thats life I guess! 

Oh guess what…tabitha got me this bowl that says honey nut cheerios on it and its the color of the HNC box with a spoon that has the logo on the end!  How sweet is that???  Pretty awesome stuff I tell ya!  Today was good…I slept til 10:30 and then got up…ate some HNC out of my new bowl 🙂  and then ran three miles on the treadmill…those were three awful awful miles!  I hate running on our treadmill for some reason!  Then I got groceries with mom (yay!) and after that I baked…two loaves of apple bread and a loaf of banana bread.  Dinner was hamburgers on the grill…yes on the grill.  Its the end of december and warm enough to grill outside…that is insane!  Something is wrong with this picture!  I cleaned up…did some dishes, from baking and the stuff that didn’t fit into the dish washer.  I don’t mind dishes though…as long as I didn’t have to vacuum…tabitha did that today.  Now here I sit…writing a novel or something.  lol.  Tomorrow I am going to run the cross country trail maybe…in my old shoes so I don’t kill my new ones quite yet…I’m still trying to decide if I like them.  No other big plans for tomorrow yet…well, in the morning dad and I…more dad than I…might put a new horn in my car 🙂  I’m excited to have a horn finally! lol.  Well…I’m gonna get going.  Hope everyone has a  fabulous (to use joy’s word)week!  May God bless you all!!! ~T


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