I LOVE my car…..NOT!!! lol.  I can’t complain too much…it hasn’t died on me or anything, but sometimes I’d like a car that required a little less maintenance! lol.  So far I’ve replaced my wiper blades…which work GREAT…I can finally see out of my windshield in the rain…hehe…and dad fixed the horn on my car!  How awesome is that?  This will be the first time I have ever had a working horn on my car.  My old corsica didn’t have one and it worked for the first two or three days I had this car before it went out…two years ago.  I feel better having a horn and driving in detroit now 😉 lol.  But today I went into NAPA and bought a new EGR valve, oxygen sensor and oil filter since its time for an oil change.  A nice $130 bucks…but God is faithful because through my dad’s work I got a super nice discount…it should have been $275ish.  The valve was originally 195 and I got it for 77!!!  I’m taking my car to dustin’s work in hudsonville tomorrow afternoon so he can fix it in the shop after he gets out.  Pray it goes quick!  I think he’s gonna make me do the oil change though 😉 lol…I don’t mind…I can do it no problem.  I was just going to do it in the morning to save time but he told me just to wait until I got to the shop, since its warmer there.  My car should be running just like new by the time we are done with it! lol.

Its been a good couple days…not that busy by any means, but nice.  Today I had a few things to take care of in town.  I set up an appointment to get my hair cut next tuesday.  I’m excited for that…its driving me crazy! lol.  Then letsee…I’ve done some cleaning.  Today I did’t run…instead I went into Saranac and worked out at Iron Mike’s.  I’m trying to be cautious and not jump in too soon.  I had been running every day and then I realized looking back at my logs that when I came back from the first fx I only ran every othe day for a little while and then three days on one day off…and I had been running every day.  It kinda scared me a little bit so I am backing off just a bit.  I ran yesterday and then worked out at the gym today.  I’m not sure what I am going to do tomorrow.  I’m thinking an easy mile or two warm up on the treadmill and then a half hour or so on the elliptical and then some weights…in the morning.  I wish I had a pool here…lol…maybe friday I can get in the pool at matthaei.  I’m going back to d-town friday afternoon b/c I’m going to leah’s in windsor…for a girls night.  It’ll be my first time in canada!  woo hoo! lol.  I’ll stay the night at her house and then we’ll go running in the morning…someplace new =) yaaay!  Well…not too much else going on…I got my room cleaned today!  That was pretty sweet.  I can walk in there now and I have room to do my push ups and sit ups and stretching!  Exciting huh?  I’ll be back from detroit next monday…well tuesday at like two in the morning.  I’m coming back after bible study at pk’s monday night.  I’ll stay til saturday night or sunday morning then…I want to be back for church.  I should get going…we still have dial up here at home and I don’t want to tie the phone lines up for too long!  Talk to ya’ll later!  ~T


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  1. Friday morning is good, if you want to swing by. Besides the books, I also have a few spanish Christmas CDs if you want them. You know, I bet Chad Crosby would’ve put an air horn on that car of yours for you. That would have been loud. Maybe to loud though. Hey, we’ll see ya  later. Take it easy on the running.

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