I took my car to Dustin’s shop today…it was a semi-sucessful trip.  Napa gave me the wrong thing for the egr valve…my car has a different set up than the thing they gave me.  All I had to replace was a hose that had a hole in it…and you should have seen the clamp…if you could call that rusted piece of wire a clamp…that was holding it on! lol.  Thankfully they had some thermoking tubing in the parts shop at his work so we used that – better quality stuff than that flimsy hose! lol.  I’ll get seventy some bucks back now when I take the valve back to napa 🙂  We got my oil changed, but we didn’t get my oxygen sensor on yet.  He didn’t have the tool to get it off and in order to get it off without it he’d have to cut some wires so he’s gonna buy the tool from the parts guy next tuesday and replace the sensor on wednesday.  I also have to buy a maps sensor from napa…but it’ll be less than the egr valve I’m returning 🙂  I also have a hole in my muffler…its about a six inch crack on the seam…we’ll probably just patch it though because I don’t want to buy a whole new muffler.  Its not super loud…but a little bit.  I was at his shop for three hours…not too bad I guess!

Other than that my day was pretty uneventful.  I worked out in the morning…went into saranac and warmed up outside running for about a mile and half, went into iron mike’s and jumped on the bike for twenty five minutes and then cooled down a mile or so on the treadmill.  I did some light weights and then went back home for a shower.  I didn’t get up until ten so by the time I was done with that…I left a little after eleven for saranac…and by the time I was all cleaned up it was just after one.  I bummed around some…I don’t really even know what I did…but I left at four to go to Dustin’s work.  Tomorrow I’ll start heading back to detroit around noon or one.  We are all meeting at Leah’s in windsor at six…but I want to stop at the outlets in howell 🙂  I haven’t stopped there since I think august or september and I drive by it everytime I come home and go back.  Its just usually really late when I do so they aren’t open.  I want to get into the nike and adidas outlets! lol.  I’m gonna get going though…I’m pretty tired for some reason. G’night everyone! ~T


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