FIVE MILES BABY!!!  Yep…I ran five today!  It was great!  I just ran around campus and such.  I ran in shorts of course…and only a long sleeve underarmor top…no skins today thats for sure!  It was so warm! What a great run to start the new year with   Though I wouldn’t have minded if it was something like twenty-five degrees and a light snowfall…hehe.

I got a yummy hamburger for lunch =)  When I was walking into the apartment building after I got back from church Rob pulled in and asked if I wanted to come down for food…leftovers from last night…so we…well…he…cooked up some burgers.  Then GUESS WHAT…he had CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW ICE CREAM!!!!!!!  Sorry for “screaming” but you have no idea how excited I was.  I haven’t had chocolate marshmallow ice cream in probably a couple years.  I haven’t been able to find it at all…we used to buy it from Family Fare in Lowell…country fresh would sell the 5 quart pails of it…but it wasn’t always there and then FF went out when Meijer went in…and meijer has never had it.  I was super excited and had a nice big bowl of it!  After lunch Rob, his roommate and I worked on a puzzle…I left after about an hour though to go run before dark.  They finished it after two more hours! haha!  Then after my run and showering I watched a movie…Chocolat…good movie.  Its just me bumming around the apartment.  I could have gone home today after church…but I want to go to Bible study tomorrow night.  I’ll drive home afterward.

So today at church the message was super good…it was awesome!  (We actually watched it on the projector screen…it was from a A/G pastor in pensecola, fl).  I don’t even know if I can explain it well at all. Letsee…there were three chairs.  The first was a metal folding chair – “commitment.”  The next chair was a somewhat comfy chair…like one at the dinner table maybe, with a little cushioning – “conflict.”  And then the last chair was a nice plush la-z-boyish chair – “compromise.”  He asked us what chair we were sitting in right now…and are we worthy of sitting in the chair of commitment.  Do we even know what it takes?  Do we know what it takes to be so totally commited to Christ?  It comes at a high price – like the metal chair it won’t be comfortable, it may hurt at times, and its hard…but its worth whatever price we have to pay.  Then he talked about how satan has a “furniture business” on the side.  You  may sit in the chair of commitment…but satan is standing there – like a good salesman of course – telling you that its your choice, you can buy that chair, but its kind of hard…and the price is pretty high, BUT if you are interested he has another chair, its a little cheaper and a little bit more comfortable – the chair of conflict.  You aren’t sure where you are, you’re letting little things slide…but being a bit more of the world is a bit more comfortable.  He’ll let you have that chair if you want.  You can still take that metal chair, but isn’t this one better?  Its cheaper too.  Its yours if you want it, BUT he still has one more chair you can look at…but only if you are interested.  He kind of has a deal running on this one…its on sale.  The chair is much much more comfortable – the chair of compromise.  When sitting in this chair you don’t have to make those hard decisions…its an easy chair.  You can have it…unless you’d rather pay a higher price for those lesser comfortable chairs.  He also termed the chairs “the winner” (metal), “the gambler” (the dinner chair), and “the loser” (the easy chair).  Thats only scratching the surface of the whole message.  He told some amazing stories of the commitment of the believers in South Korea and Vietnam…the sacrifices they’ve made.  Then you look at us in the US…what sacrifices have we really made?  Not too many probably.  If you have, then you are in the extreme minority.  How “radical” are we willing to be for Christ?  How much are we willing to pay?  Will we pay the price to sit in the chair of commitment?  It was powerful…I wish you all could hear the sermon.  My brief description hardly does it justice.  It is my prayer this year that each of you, myself included, learns a little bit more…or a lot bit more…about sacrifice.  I don’t know what it is that God will call you to do to get out of your comfort zone…to bring you into that chair of commitment.  But I pray that when he speaks, you will listen and obey.  God bless you all in this upcoming year! ~T


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