I made it home last night…safe and sound 🙂  I left PK’s at midnight for a nice two hour drive back to the west side 😉 I love driving home then…there is almost no traffic…its awesome.  The only problem I had was as soon as I hit 96 coming off from 696 there was a torrential downpour.  I had my wiper blades on high (thank you Lord for the new blades!) and I could hardly see the road…I had to slow way down and I’m just thinking…man, this is gonna take forever to get home.  Thankfully it only lasted a couple minutes and it was smooth sailing from there on.  A few sprinkles here and there but nothing major.  We didn’t start Bible study until nine…Pastor Ken had to finish watching the Ohio State game…lol.  He was the only one paying attention to the game! The rest of us were just talking and such.  It was okay though.  I got back at two in the morning…when dad was getting up for work…and then slept til quarter after eleven…got in bed around two thirty.  I wouldn’t have even set an alarm or anything…but I had a hair appointment at noon…so I kind of had to get up!  I had a good four inches cut off my hair and it doesn’t look like any was cut off.  Oh well. 

I am super tired still.  I am going to go to bed at a normal time though and then get up at a normal time.  Mom and I are going to take down the Christmas decorations and then I’m going to lunch with Jon and Kendra tomorrow.  After getting back I’m going to go run with the high school “athletic club”…I like running with people.  I didn’t run today.  I took the day off since I haven’t in over a week.  I need to remember to take a day off here and there even though I don’t want to.  No use in overdoing it and re-injuring myself.  I wish I had a pool I could have gone pool running in…I just feel so lazy…but hey…I’m tired so it’d have prolly done more harm than good!  I have run three days in a row on concrete anyway.  Tomorrow I’ll get to run 🙂  Today I have been soooo hungry all day.  I’ll eat a meal and thirty seconds later I’ll be hungry…no lie.  Its insane…I have never had it this bad! lol.  I hate it…I just want to be full! lol.  Well…not too much else to talk about.  I’m pretty tired just typing this!  I could prolly fall asleep if I went to bed right now! lol.  I’m gonna stop rambling…g’night everyone!!


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