I love to run 🙂  Today was a lovely four miles in misty/wet weather.  It felt awesome!  My favorite part had to be running around the soccer field, each step sinking an inch or two into the ground 😉 hehe.  It was a great run!  Dustin fixed my car today 🙂  Yipee!  I’ll give it a test run tomorrow morning to the dentist’s office! lol.  I went out to lunch today with Jon Krieger…we went to flat river grill.  Kendra was supposed to come with us…but she cancelled.  I guess her grandpa was sick or something and she stayed with him.  I’ll be praying for him.  I was a little bummed she couldn’t come.  I haven’t seen her in forever!  I saw a ton of people when I went to the HS today to run.  I ran the first three miles with Jess and then the last one myself.  I miss track there.  I don’t miss HS…but I miss track.  At least we get to run club!  Not to much else goin’ on.  I baked cookies for dad this morning and mom and I took down the Christmas decorations 😦  That was kinda sad…I love Christmastime.  Only what…355 days til Christmas is it? hehe.  Let the countdown begin!  Haha!  I don’t have much else to talk about…pretty boring.  I want some mad snowfall like you wouldn’t believe.  Why can’t all this rain be snow and the temp be like twenty degrees?  It would be marvelous if it’d do that for me overnight! hehe.  I can pray…;)  *Praying for snow* ~T


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