If all the raindrops were ice cream bars and salads oh what a wonderful world it would be! =) haha.  I love the rain though…I have to go for a nice run after I get off the computer.  I’ll run around the block today I think.  I’ve done two riverside and two jackson runs in town…I’ll shake it up a bit.  I just got back from Kayla’s wedding about a half hour ago.  Its still kind of crazy that she’s married!  It was a really nice wedding.  I liked it a lot…and her dress was gorgeous!  I’m really happy for her!

Yesterday was a good and crazy busy day!  I was at Grandma’s in the morning…then out to grandville and then into saranac to run.  Then it was back home after picking up Crystal D and we drove into GR to Rosa Parks Circle to ice skate.  That was sooo much fun!  We had an absolute blast!  On the way back we called wayfm since it was their all request blast and we requested…get this…Plus One!  HAHA!  You remember…the christian boy band…the christian version of n’sync and backstreet boys if you will.  We used to be obsessed with them a loooooooonnnnnngggggg time ago!  Its the most embarrassing CD I own now! lol…its a wonder I haven’t thrown it out yet.  But Joe didn’t want to play it for us…but Crystal talked him into it 😉  Last spring when we drove to Virginia Beach we were searching for a christian radio station somewhere in pennsylvania I think and the only one we found was playing plus one’s song written on my heart when we got to it.  We cranked it and had a good laugh being dumb.  So thats what we did last night when he played it! lol.  It was great…good times!  Then I drove her out north of Ionia to Paige’s house and I stayed there for about and hour.  I hadn’t seen paige since I stopped working at CK.  Then it was back into saranac (at this time it was after midnight!) to stop in to see Kendra before we both returned to school.  It was nice to see her.  I got home late and then slept til 10:30 this morning 🙂  Anyway…I should get going so I can go run before dark.  Talk to all you lovely people later!  ~T


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  1. Like the new picture. Didga (new word) get the new shoes yet?  Also, didga find out what those spanish books were about yet?  Hope you had a good run in the rain. ttyl.

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