What an awful run today…lol…I knew it’d catch up to me…I couldn’t have that many pretty good ones right in a row…hehe.  Yesterday’s run was good.  It burned because my block has some nice hills on it but it was good.  Today I ran on the treadmill at the rec center for five miles…I was going to go for six, but it was one of those days that you knew that if you did an extra mile it’d probably do more harm than good!  lol.  I got back to the D last night at one in the morning and by the time I got all my stuff up to the apartment and everything it was after two in the morning.  Then I had to get up for church.  Too many late nights couldn’t have helped the run either!  Church today was super good though.  We had a missionary speak…I love it when missionaries come 🙂  His name is Ken Krucker…he’s a missionary to Zimbabwe.  God is doing something amazing in that country!  He is in the city of Harare…home to more than two million people and the largest secular university in the country.  They have an awesome awesome ministry going at the university.  They regularly have seventy people attending tuesday night services…thats more than have ever come to InterVarsity…and wayne state is a pretty big school!  We gotta do something about that.  And of the students about fifty take the bus every sunday to attend the A/G  church he is from.  They are buying a 1.3 acre lot to build a new church that will seat 1000 people…the only AG owned property in that huge city.  They have about 270 people attending right now in a place that only has seats for 240!  How amazing is that that some of these people come week after week even when they cant find a place to sit!  So that was really cool…and as usual…it made me want to jump on the next plane to south america! God is awesome.  Wow.  And that mac-n-cheese tasted good. hehe…random I know.  I was craving mac-n-cheese for some reason.  Strangely…its only the second time I have made it all school year.  I put some yummy broccoli in it though and had a side of peas 🙂  Yesterday Tabitha when with me to get my groceries before I left…she said it was disgusting b/c I bough all healthy stuff…hehe.  I bought some more couscous…thats some good stuff and then I bought a box of tabouli (is that how you spell it) so we’ll see how that is!  I also bought some more hummus but its a different brand…its roasted garlic and eggplant flavor.  I’ve never had eggplant…but I can tell you this hummus isn’t as good as the one I bought last time.  Its okay…but the other is way better!  I guess thats all for now.  I’m going to get to bed early tonight…no not this early…but early…I have class starting tomorrow!  8:30 am! 😦 ugh!  hahah!  Have a great night!  Dios te bendiga!! ~T


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