Two days down…a whole lot more to go  hehe.  Today was my second day of classes.  History is going to be a killer…spanish shouldn’t be too bad…debate and government should be pretty easy.  Government the easiest though…by far.  I think  I’ll like debate though.  I gave my prof my email and number and stuff to get me information about the debate team.  He is the head of the team and they are always looking for people who are interested in joining the team.  I’ve always wanted to be on a debate team, but saranac is just too small for that I guess.  So I gave him my info to find out more about it…to see if it will work with me running xc and being in iv and such.  It’d be awesome if it did.  Our debate team here is ranked second in the nation…how cool is that?

Yesterday I ran an awesome, and I mean awesome, six miles.  It was great.  I did a forest stree to forest street RenCen run downtown.  I ran it under eight minute pace…even with having to slow down for intersections and such!  I was pretty excited for that!  Today I think I am going to just do four.  I haven’t decided where or anything yet.  I thought about cross training today…pool or something…but its nice out and I just want to run.  I dunno…I’ll decide later.  Its only 1:35…I work out at 3  The perfect workout time…what can I say…lol!

Yesterday Bible study at PK’s was awesome…even though PK was gone.  I think everyone heard he was going to be gone and showed up because of that HAHA  jk…jk.  Kendra (his wife) led Bible study.  Everyone left pretty early it seemed…only renee, nicole, jeremiah and I were left by 10:30/11.  We put in the movie dumb and dumber just after eleven…classic I tell you…hilarious!  I only stayed until quarter to midnight because I was pretty tired and I had to get up for daily devos.  I left right after the part where the cop pulls them over and takes a drink from the bottle…yea you all know the part…best part of the movie  hehe.  Devos were good this morning…we were reading out of jeremiah.  I missed devos over break…even though they are way too early…hehe.  Not really…but it sure felt like it this morning!  Afterward I went and got something from starbucks…I dont really like coffee at all, but I needed something to wake me up…so I got a nonfat carmel machiatto (is that how you spell it??  I dunno)…it wasn’t too bad actually…if you stir it up it doesn’t really taste like coffee…so that was good, but I don’t think it did anything for me.  I don’t think caffeine does anything for me…honestly.  Oh well.  Then I went to my first class (debate).  Now all I have to do today is run…not much else to do.  Well…I have to read my history and I should just get my spanish hw out of the way…but that will be later tonight.  I’m too tired and unmotivated to do it right now!  lol.  I’m gonna go nap or something…something…hmmm…we shall see.  Have a great week ya’ll! ~ T


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