Hello everyone   This is going to post as a saturday entry…but know its still friday night to me…I haven’t been to bed yet   I learned I am utterly terrible at video games…yes it is true.  I’m afraid that if my life or someone else’s life depended on me winning a video game…I have to tell you we’d both be dead.  I just spent two hours…yes two (well steph and I were trading on and off every other game)…trying too make it past the first level of Tiny Toons on Nintendo.  Yes nintendo…not super nintendo or n64…but the waaay old school nintendo.  The only games I have ever played before were super mario brothers and mario kart…but only once or twice a loooong time ago.  I have never owned a video game system.  Well…in those two hours I didn’t make it past the first level…LOL!  I made it past the first (of three) sections in the first level…but that was it.  We were also playing a 007 James Bond game on n64…I lost…every time. hehe.   But that’s okay…video games are not my talent and I think they’re a waste of time generally…but we had fun playing and eating fondue

It was a pretty eventless day otherwise.  I got up and went to morning devotions, which were awesome, and then I came back to the apartment and basically sat around all morning.  I finished reading a book I started over break but hadn’t had time to finish.  We put all our stuff back in our cupboard because we had to empty them last night for the exterminators to come today…which was a joke…we won’t talk about that though…that was just dumb   I had practice at three…which I didn’t do anything at…my leg is still hurting and acting up so I just sat there and we (the injured gang) just talked with nick about nothing and then coach joined us and we talked some more about nothing while waiting for everyone to get done with their runs.  I did do the circuits though.  After practice we went to Jimmy John’s for some yummy subs  and then went to the swim meet.  Both our men’s and women’s teams won!!!   It was pretty cool.  I learned though that diving really isn’t that fun to watch, because it takes sooooo long.  I don’t even know how many rounds there were!  It was my first time actually watching a swim meet and it was pretty cool actually.  The last event was pretty exciting…the 200 free relay…kinda like in track saving the 4×400 for last…a super cool event to keep everyone til the end!  Then after the swim meet was video games and fondue…lol.  Tomorrow I’ll be going ice skating at least once, maybe twice and I’ll have an elliptical workout.  OH OH I know what I forgot to tell you.  Today right before we left for the swim meet our fire alarms were going off in the apartments and the sprinklers in our hallway were going off…there was a lady over the loudspeaker saying “there is an emergency on your floor, please exit the building from the nearest stairwell do not use the elevators.”  We left for the meet…we heard a rumor that it was something like an elevator had a fire in it or something…but we don’t think so…none of them seemed to be out of order when we got back…so I dunno what really happened.  None of our stuff burned…we’re happy and okay

Not too much else to talk about.  I should get to bed anyhow…seeing as its like one thirty in the morning!  I get to sleep in tomorrow!!!   ~T

 <<<—-Haha…thats cute I like it 🙂


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