BIBLE STUDY TONIGHT!!! Yay! lol.  Today has sure been a busy one…and its only five…but its been a good busy!  I was up at quarter to eight so I could be down at Rob’s for morning devotions and breakfast…it was rob, carmen and I.  Then I had to be to the pool by nine to do my pool run since the rec center was closed today for MLK day.  The swimmers still  had practice though from 9 to noon so I went then to pool run for an hour.  I got a good workout in!  After that I came back and showered to get all that chlorine out of my hair and then I did laundry, my spanish homework, my debate homework, and I am working on my history…getting there…but I needed a break!  I have my notes done I just need to do the readings now.  I’m trying to be motivated today! lol.  Its nice having the day off school…MLK day for all of you who don’t know.  I have a favor to ask all of you…I need you all to keep me accountable.  I want to read the entire Bible by the end of the semester and I need you all to keep asking me how I’m doing…so I don’t try to just get by on reading a verse a day or something…I need you guys to make sure I’m actually sitting down and taking time to read.  Can you all do that for me???  Well…I better get back to my history…*groan* hehe.


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  1. Hi Teresa. We have an ice day today. I had planned on reading some of the Bible today too. Actually I try to read a  little everyday.  I’ve done that for many years.  Where are you at in reading right now? When you get past Numbers things will pick up quite fast. I don’t think you’ll have a problem finnishing this project. It.s a fine goal to be sure. Take care. Run a little on the road, run a little through the Bible. Just keep running.

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