OOOOHHHHHH this is pretty sweet…they redid the format for typing weblog entries.  Pretty spiffy!  Today was great…well for the most part 😉  I was up at 6:30 in the morning!!!!  SIX THIRTY…can you believe that??? lol…and I walked out of my door at 6:45.  The campus is pretty dead at six thirty in the morning.  So what in the world was I doing up that early???  I said I would read for the MLK read a thon that went from noon yesterday to noon today.  It was a thing that the dean of students office did a twenty-four hour reading of MLK stuff.  I read for twenty minutes.  Usually people would only read for five minutes…but no one wants to get up that early and read 😉 lol.  I read for ten minutes then another guy read for five and then I read for ten more.  They had a tent thing set up outside with a heater in it and then there was a podium and microphone and stuff.  It wasn’t bad.  Then I went for morning prayer and for daily devos.  By that time I was pretty tired…lol…I was good for a little bit…but man.  Then I had class…debate.  I had SUCH a hard time staying awake…you have no idea.  But somehow by God’s grace I made it through.  However, by the time class was done at 11 I was feeling pretty sick.  I was hungry, yet at the same time my stomach hurt, my head hurt, I felt like throwing up.  Normally I go read in a study room between debate and spanish since there isn’t a point in me walking to the apartment only to turn around and walk back to class…so I went in the room and just laid my head down for like fifteen minutes and wasn’t feeling any better…so I decided to skip spanish.  Its review right now anyway…I walked back to the apartment, had a pb sandwhich and slept for two hours.  I set my alarm for quarter to two so I wouldn’t sleep more than two hours…I want to sleep tonight…but I was out.  I slept so well!  I woke up and felt much better, but felt like I could sleep another eight hours!  lol.  I had a snack and then went to matthaei to work out.  I was going to run on the treadmill and then get in the pool…but all the treadmills were taken up…so I got in the pool first.  I ran in the pool for forty minutes and then ran three miles on the treadmill (24 minutes) and then I had a half hour of physical therapy.  Oh yes…I must tell you about my time with the doc…

I got to see the doc first of all which was a small miracle in itself! lol.  So the doc said I can still run right now 🙂  BUT no more than three miles a day for the next two weeks.  He said I have weak ankles which are causing my legs to twist in ways they shouldn’t and thats causing the pain.  I have to do physical therapy at the training room for the next four weeks to strengthen my ankles and I’ll see the doc in two weeks so he can check my progress.  AND I am allowed to get orthotics.  He said there is a very noticeable difference in the strength and degree of pronation from one foot to the other so I’d need different shoes for each foot pretty much…so I’m getting orthotics soon 🙂  So thats that!

Today at dinner I had two ice cream cones…mmmmm!  One twist and one vanilla.  I’ve been craving ice cream, milk and cheese all day for some reason.  Its sure good!  Besides…I had a good workout today 🙂 Tomorrow I leave for our college retreat!  I’m super excited about that!  Yay!  It’s gonna be fun!  I guess thats pretty much it for now.  Not too much else going on.  Well…I could probably talk your ear off all night…but I be quiet 😉 Haha.  Love you all!!!  ~T



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  1. Hi Teresa. I hope you have a lot of good times on your college retreat. I hope you can stay healthy too. If you ever want to try calamari, they have it at Olive Garden. Thanks for the comment the other day. It’s so good to get mail. See ya later.

  2. I went on a missions trip once. to chatanooga TN! it was one of the best things that ever hapernd to me! I loved it! I went w/ my old school! I hope to go again this yr. but It’ll cost 2 x as much b/c I’ll have to pay for the flight down there and stuff! so I probly wont get to. 😦  O well! through the move I’ve found that ppl need help EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! well, I g2g so ttyl!
                                      luv a sis in Christ, JJ

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