Okay…so how come the weblog entry thing is back to the old thing again??  Was I seeing things that one time?  I dunno…could be! lol.  Sorry for having two “normal” entries in one day…it was still yesterday to me when I typed the last one!  Today has been a pretty normal day…except I didn’t have debate class.  I did laundry instead and made up my spanish work from when I skipped last week.  That pile of laundry is still sitting beside me waiting to be folded!  I’m going up to PK’s tonight to watch American Idol with Vicky.  I’m really not into the show at all…but I just watch it and hang out.  Pastor Ken and Kendra left today for California for vacation so Vicky is there watching the boys. 

God why?  Why do people think that things are so bad that they have to take their own life?  I am talking to marcus right now and he told me that his mom called and told him a kid at saranac…he’s in my sister’s class…just committed suicide today after school.  I didn’t really know him…I knew who he was…in saranac that’s inevitable…but I didn’t really know him.  I  never had much contact with him…he ran track, but he was a sprinter, so I wasn’t ever around him really. He always seemed okay…but then again I’ve been gone almost a year…I don’t know how he’s been.  Its so sad…I don’t even know him and my heart is breaking.  I can’t imagine being so depressed, angry, desprate, whatever emotion would make a person take his life.  I just called mom and she said she hasn’t heard anything about it anyway…I want to find out for sure and if it did happen what happened.

Why do people have to be so disrespectful??  My sister is on crutches because of her broken leg…and she’s not in a hard cast because the bone was setting perfect and they said as long as she puts absolutely no weight on it she won’t need one…well some disrespectful jerk yanked the crutches from her from behind in the lunchroom yesterday and we don’t know who it was.  Well…she put weight on it obviously because she was falling…which put her in excruciating pain and mom had to take her back to the doc’s for more xrays.  Grrr…It makes me soooo mad!  She was supposed to take her exams today too and couldn’t because she was in so much pain she was throwing up.  Why????? 

So my day was pretty good up until the past hour.  lol.  Well its not really that funny but you know…  Well I’m gonna wrap this up…I’m getting hungry and talking to mom at the same time!  Hope you have a great evening! Love T



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  1. Hey Teresa. I didn’t hear anything about all this going on. I’ll have to do some checking when I get off here.  Post and let me know how your sis is doing. There are some not so smart people in school.  I have a couple guys on my bus that I can picture knocking out someones crutches. I hope she’s OK. I hope they bust whoever did it. You take care. See Ya Later.
    Oh, Nice new picture. Thanks for the smile.

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