Wow…its been a while!  How’ve ya’ll been???  I’ve been great πŸ™‚  Busy, but great!  The retreat this weekend was awesome!!!  It was fantabulous despite the fact that we had no toilet from early saturday morning to when we left around one sunday afternoon!  How bizarre is that?  We thought it was frozen and clogged pipes BUT it turns out, I found today, that it may not have been that at all…it may have been we would have only needed to flip a switch.  Thats crazy! lol…but it sure made things interesting while we were there!  It was a good thing we were gone most of the day on saturday…after morning session we left around noon to go to a mall in Port Huron…we were north of Port Huron by about twenty minutes or so…in between Lexington and Sanilac.  Anyway…we went to the mall and did a scavenger hunt…a lot like the polariod parties we used to do at youth group back home…but we used digitals.  One of the teams got yelled at taking pictures in Deb because the mall has a no pictures policy…but I kind of figured that so I kept my flash off the entire time and we made it through!  My team won…but it was just fun.  Then we went shopping…yep…shopping on a retreat πŸ˜‰ lol…some people stayed in the food court and played cards…I used the mall walking as my exercise since I wasn’t able to run there at all.  After the mall we went to eat at Ruby Tuesdays…their salad bar…delicious!  lol.  Then we went back to the house…but at 11:30 made a run into a bar/restaurant at the marina in sanilac to use the bathroom!  We put like 8 people in this little ford van…it was an adventure!  In the morning we went to a gas station!  I had a ton of fun though…stayed up waaay to late friday night playing cards! hehe.  Our Bible Study/Devotion sessions were based on beverly hillbillies episodes.  Mom, Dad and Tabitha would have liked those!  They were good.  We’d watch and episode and then draw parallels to Biblical themes.  Today was catch up and bible study at PK’s…plus a meijer run with Renee and Vicky around ten.  I should probably get going…not too much to talk about really…just thought I’d let you know I’m still here πŸ™‚  Ill write more when I have something good to tell ya πŸ˜‰ lol.  Have a great night…errrr…day I guess!


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