“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.” Psalm 55:22

God I pray for this generation.  Father, we need you more than ever.   What is it that is increasing the frequency of suicide, self mutilation, and other extreme behaviors?  Or has it always been this way, just more hidden from society, or just that I’ve been so blind?  My heart breaks.  A high school sophomore Lord…he’d just begun to live.  So much promise.  When I think of all those who don’t think there is any hope I just have to wonder if anyone has told them.  Has anyone told them that God will sustain them…that in Christ there is hope…that with Christ they will never have to be alone?  Have I told people that might’ve needed that word?  Its a sobering thought.  I know many have heard…I just can’t imagine not being able to trust God like that.  I have had my hard times…and I’m sure that I’ll have more…but I know I can always lean on God.  I don’t want this to turn into a hugely depressing post though so I will post some good news 🙂

I got to talk with someone today about Christ…I’ve talked with him before…but he always seemed so opposed to religion of any sort…he’d always ask me questions but seemed to shove away all notions of ever accepting Christ…or any religion for that matter.  Today he was more open…he’s searching and he was genuinely asking questions…he put a sarcastic spin on some of it…but he’s searching.  Pray for him please!

I realized today I’m pretty ambitious.  At least it looks like I am 😉 lol…there’s so much I want to do, so many places I want to go, so much I want to learn.  Of course I want to be a missionary to South America.  But I want to learn Greek, get my sign language interpreting license, do some work in the agriculture field (while I’m in SA naturally ;), run marathons, go to spain and participate in the running of the bulls, memorize large portions of scripture, learn the jewish culture behind much of the Bible and visit the middle east to see some of the sites for myself, maybe run an ultra, ride and elephant…and these are just a couple of my long term goals.  I still have the here and now goals.  Have you ever felt that urgency that you have to do it all NOW because time will be gone before you know it?  I don’t know if it just comes when you realize the brevity of life when something like what happened in saranac happens or what.  I just want to do it all…but I know thats not too feasible right now! lol.  What I do need to do now is go get some sleep…but it prolly won’t happen for a little while yet 😉  I’ll naturally get sidetracked doing something else.  I have to fill out that online application for the berean school of the Bible pretty soon so I can take some Bible classes and work at getting my credentials so by the time I’m graduated I’ll be at the credential level that I’d be if I’d have gone to North Central.  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow…I need to go to bed! lol…as usual!  God loves you all…and guess what…SO DO I!!!!!!!  T


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