Well…since I can’t put a radio station on what I’m listening to I’ll let ya’ll know that I’m listening to wayfm online…I love online streaming…its awesome!  Anyway…Its been a couple crazy days.  Yesterday was just frustrating…I didn’t get to go to church because I was in the training room until ten to seven and church starts at seven.  I waited two and a half hours to see the doctor!  Yeah…I went in before practice to find out when he’d be in and was told between 4 and 4:30.  I get in there just after four hoping to get in and get out so I can go do my circuits and get to church…the doc wasn’t there yet so I just did my physical therapy while I waited.  I waited for an hour and a half before he got there!  The PT only took 20 minutes! lol.  Then I had to wait another hour to see him while everyone else saw him before me.  I was pretty frustrated…I wasn’t in that good of a mood either…but I decided not to let it get me down because that’s exactly what Satan wanted it to do.  I’m also coming down with a cold and was tempted to skip daily devos this morning but didn’t…going to devos was more important than an extra half hour or so of sleep…I’d rather get prayer from Carmen and Rob there for my sickness than rely on an extra smidgen of sleep to heal me!  Today was a pretty good day though for not feeling that well.  I ran downtown to see all the festivities 🙂  I just did an out and back down Woodward…it was so cool down there!  It seems like a real, live city!  I had to weave in and out of people on the sidewalk…that was pretty sweet 😉 lol…a far cry from the usually mostly deserted-aside-from-people-waiting-for-busses sidewalks.  Then I jumped in the pool, did abreviated PT and was off to the student center for the  Student Leader Summit that I went to to represent InterVarsity.  It was pretty cool…the president of the university, Dr Reid, was there along with his cabinet, the dean of students, the AD and other administrators.  It was pretty cool to get to hear first hand some of the changes being made and hear some concerns being addressed.  After that as I was walking back to the apartments I crossed paths with steph who was heading to the dorms to eat so I did a nice about face and walked to the dorms to eat…nothing good today thats for sure!  lol…ah well…win some, lose some.  I should probably get going…I have to spend some time in the word and then get to bed early 🙂  Daily devos in the morning! yay! 

Here’s the WSU group from this weekend that went to the retreat 🙂  Thats Rachael on the left, then Rob, then me and then Carmen. 


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  1. hey!  could i ask you to pray for something
    i just found out that a kid at my school committed suicide tonight.
    so if you could be praying for that and that Jesus will be seen through this.

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