I thought these icons were pretty sweet!  Its not that often that you find some awesome Christian ones!  Oooooh…good song just came on…yep, wayfm again 😉 its the song “Next Thing You Know” by Matthew West.  Guess what….its SNOWING!!!  Isn’t that just super awesome?!  I’m pretty excited.  When I went for my run today it was just raining…but a half hour or so after I got back it switched to snow.  You would not believe how crazy it is downtown right now even with the rain/snow.  There are so many more people down there than there was two days ago.  It made my run pretty hard at times!  It was kind of stop and go at the most congested parts…on thursday it was pretty smooth sailing, quite a few people but not near as many today!  Superbowl is tomorrow though!

This morning I had my volunteer hours for the athletic department…we played euchre…lol.  We were the “snowshovelers” but there wasn’t any snow.  Generally if there is no snow we’d just be sent out to be a smiling face to greet people and help them if they need it, but since it was raining they told us just to stay inside unless we were needed.  It didn’t change to snow until afternoon though and we were there in the morning.  There isn’t much accumulation yet…a lot of the first snow melted on contact, but I’m starting to see some stick.  Tomorrow will be one long day!  We’ll probably leave the apartment at 7 in the morning to walk over to the parking structure that we have to sign in at to get our assignments and get shuttled down to the stadium.  I might not get back until really late…we’ll see what my assignment is! =)  Everything I make goes right to the xc team…speaking of which…none of you would happen to have a spare $350 lying around would you?  I’m supposed to raise $500 by monday…I have $150…I’ve asked the usual people to donate to become members of the “warrior club”…which the minimum donation is $150…but not many people want to fork over that kind of change.  I don’t know what I’m going to do…I guess tell my coach that I don’t have it!  We might not get to go on our spring break trip if we don’t get nine grand as a team by monday.  We’ll see.

All my roommates are working right now…security down at the stadium…except laura, but she’s at home.  I never did get any hours…I’m kind of upset about that, but I can’t let it get to me.  Justin and Kara’s family is supposed to be here anytime.  They are staying in our apartment tonight and tomorrow night because their mom and dad are working at the game tomorrow.  Mel said they would be here at two…its twenty after four and they aren’t here yet.  Hmmm? 

Last night I had to go buy some khaki’s for tomorrow since I shrunk my last pair…I went into khols and grabbed every pair they had in multiple sizes…nope…didn’t like any of them…so I went into sears and did the same thing and guess what…I found a pair off the clearance rack for nine bucks!  I was super happy about that!  I spent more at the movie theatre after that…lol.  I went with Vicky, Renee and Janelle to see “Something New.”  It was an alright movie…a couple questionable parts…definitely not a favorite, but it was fun to hang out with the girls.  It was a chick flick 😉 lol.  Well…I’m gonna get going before this becomes a novel!  Love you all…have a great weekend!!!!!!


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