What a day!!!!!!!!  The superbowl was sweet!!!  Yesss, I got to see some of it!  I watched kick off!  That was pretty sweet…it was so awesome inside there!  I got up at 6:30 in the morning yesterday and left about ten to seven to go check in.  They still had me on security which was pretty sweet…we (me, steph, mel, sarah, kara, justin, lance and abdullah) got assigned to Mag one which was the CELEB entrance!  It was called the “talent” entrance. How sweet is that?!?!   I got to see sooo many people!  My sister is so jealous…I talked to John Travolta (he was on the steelers side ;), Usher, Mike Tyson, Joss Stone…also rolling through (which I either talked to/saw/checked their bags) India Arie, John Legend, Aretha Franklin, Andre 3000, Lebron James, Rip Hamilton, members of Four Tops, Josh Duhamel (off the TV show Las Vegas), Fergie (from the Black Eyed Peas), P Diddy…it was pretty insane.  I know there were more that I can’t remember…and some who I didn’t even know were celebrities 😉 lol…shows how out of the loop I am!  Stevie Wonder came by but didn’t have to get out of the vehicle along with Governor Granholm, and Condoleeza Rice.  It was a pretty sweet night.  We had to turn away Tommy Lee and Nickelback and I guess we had to turn away Coldplay too because they didn’t have the right kind of credentials, tickets/pass to get through the gate we were at.  It was a pretty exclusive gate…We saw Tommy Lee and Nickelback later come out the gate because they got in through another and we saw Kid Rock later too.

So yeah…it was freezing cold though!!!!  We worked for 15 hours!  Of those fifteen we were probably outside for at least 13 after breaks and stuff.  I was inside when the Steelers scored their second touchdown…it was crazy when that happened as you can imagine!  It was sweet!  Kara and I were down ON THE FIELD at the end of the game!  In the steeler’s endzone!  We were down there when they were doing all the trophy stuff and all the media was flooding the field…everyone else was there at the end of the tunnel.  It was sweet…and then we were holding the rope in the tunnel as the steelers players were going back up into the locker room…some of the them were giving us high fives and stuff…we saw the superbowl trophy!!!!  One of the players was carrying it!  Pretty awesome!  I think my sister hates me just because of John Travolta and Usher 😉 lol.  It wasn’t all glamorous though!

As I said before…it was freezing!  Our feet were completely numb within the first hour or two!  The wind was ferocious as well.  We had hand warmers…but they didn’t help all that much!  A little bit though.  We are all pretty sore too from shivering and hunching…from tensing up.  We are all pretty wiped out and tired too.  We pretty much pulled a double…and if you count the sign in time and the time getting down to the stadium and getting back we pulled a little more than a double!  We walked most of the way back to the apartments…they had shuttles, but the line for the shuttle was soooo stinkin long…we would have waited forever in the freezing cold just standing there…so we started walking.  Justin ran back and got his car and picked us up when we were just a few blocks from UT but Kara and Sarah still had to go to the dorms so he drove them there…and guess what…we beat the shuttles! lol…plus we stayed warmer b/c we were moving.  It was a really cool experience, but I’m glad its done!  Then I actually got up this morning for class…only to get there and have class cancelled because he couldn’t get the sound on the movie we were supposed to watch to work.  It was fine with me, though I wish I’d have just slept in! lol…its okay though..I’m gettin my laundry done and now I have to go work on my debate brief.  Talk to you all later!!! ~T


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  1. Go Teresa, Yeah. It sounds like you had a great time. I wish I would’ve been watching for you on TV. I was watching and you might have been right there. Oh well. It sounds like a once in a lifetime thing. I’m glad you had that opportunity to check all that out. What a great experience you had. I hope that you are all snuggley warm now after such a cold night. Take care and stay healthy. See Ya. 

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