I got groceries tonight  !!!  I love getting groceries and I hadn’t gotten any in two and a half weeks except for the fifteen bucks I spent at University Foods for some apples and bananas and such.  I love meijer! lol…I spent fifty-five bucks I think…not too bad considering I was out of everything!  I even ran out of peanut butter today…so of course I had to buy some more.  Its nice just to have some food in the cupboards again and some salad in the refrigerador!  I went after powerhouse at church.  Today I had a good workout…my three miles (hoping for a good report from katie, one of our trainers, that the doc said I can start increasing my miles!) and then I got on the arc trainer for another forty minutes.  Yesterday Paul, the head trainer, cast me for orthotics.  I’m super excited about finally getting them!  And the best part…the training room is paying for them!  Yaaay!

   <—–I actually found some running icons   Too bad they are sprinting ones! lol.  Ah well…I’ll take what I can get

Hmmmm…what else is going on?  I think I’ve kinda caught up since superbowl…I’m feeling a whole lot better now.  I’m not completely exhausted…just halfway! hehe.  It didn’t help that last night I was on the phone with ashton til one in the morning…but ah well…I didn’t mind  hehe.  I’d do it again…lol.

This morning I had a nice big piece of chocolate cake after my bowl of honey nut cheerios and my banana   It was such a nice breakfast dessert!  It was Mel’s birthday yesterday…gotta love birthdays and cake!  I’m kinda hungry right now actually, but I told myself I couldn’t have anymore cake today…lol.  I don’t think I’m  going to make it home this weekend…maybe next…I know I will sometime this month…I’m just not sure what weekend.  I don’t want it to be a rushed weekend home and if I went this weekend it would be…or at least it would feel like it’d be.  Well…I think I’m gonna get going…I need some sleep tonight, maybe.  Yes, I do…I must be good…I have a spanish exam tomorrow…the written and listening part anyway.  Have a great night everyone…eat chocolate cake…its yummy!


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  1. Chocolate is the best in the morning. I had some too. It’s health food you know. Mine was Ghirardelli’s, mmmmmmmm. They have that at Meijers too. Check out the baking goods row and look for the chocolate chips. Have a great day.

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