Today has been such a good day…you have no idea.  This past week it seems like I have done everything wrong, reacted wrong to stuff, made wrong decisions, said wrong things…I was feeling really crummy today like I was such a disappointment to God.  But you know something…even when you think you have messed everything up God says “give it to me”…give it to him and he will scatter them as far as the east is from the west and he will forget them.  He is so good isn’t he?  There will be times when nothing seems to go right, but God is there and he will carry us through.  Church was awesome today and I felt so much better afterword, even on five and a half hours of sleep  lol…I stayed surprisingly awake!  I took a half hour nap this afternoon and just layed around for another half hour/hour or so and it was refreshing…plus I had such a good run.  Steph ran with me for half of the way and then she sent me on ahead.  I’m proud of her…she ran 3 miles! yaay! lol…I ran my three and a half and then ellipticaled for 25 minutes…and steph even went with me to the rec center to elliptical!  It was super cool.  I can’t even explain to you all how much better I feel today compared to the past week, or should I say the past four days or so…I can’t even begin to explain everything.  Just trust me that God is super awesome! lol.

 <—- Isn’t that icon so super cool?

In other news —— Call me crazy if you want (and some of you aren’t going to believe this!)…but: I decided to give up all cookies, brownies, cake, and candy bars or chocolates for the rest of the year…yes you heard me right…the rest of the year as in ten and a half months.  I can still have ice cream and fruit (apple, strawberry etc) and pumpkin pies.  Why?  Well…I gave it all up for the month of January and then the past twelve days since I can have it…I’ve just been eating it…its not that I really want it or crave it…its just there so I eat it and I decided I feel better when I don’t eat all that.  I haven’t felt as good the past week and a half since eating it all…and I have ate a lot.  I think I ate half a chocoate cake! lol.  It’ll be better for my running too I think. I really don’t think it will be that hard to do anyway…during January I really didn’t miss it or crave it at all…the first day or two yes, but not afterward.  I can still have “chocolate” like hot chocolate and chocolate pudding, ice cream and stuff…just none of the forementioned foods.  Call me crazy…but I’m doing it! 🙂 lol.  So yeah…thats about all I have for you today…I hope you have a wonderful week!

PS…I made a snow angel yesterday in Gullen mall outside the rec center 🙂 hehe


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  1. I made a snow angel today in about a foot of snow, our first big snow of the year, it was fun, except I went numb cause my mom decided she had to grab the camera so I was lying in the snow for about 10 minutes

  2.   “For God so loV ed the world,         That He gA ve               His onL y               BegottE n                     SoN                         T hat whosever          Believeth I n Him             Should N ot perish,          But have E verlasting life.”                                           John 3:16
    i love you!!!! happy valentine’s day!

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