HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!!! (Yeah, I know I’m a half hour late…but honest, I was intending to get it in before midnight…it just didn’t happen 😉  I thought these icons were appropriate for such a speciall day 🙂  I found them and thought they were totally awesome!  This year was the most awesome Valentines Day ever!  It started with the roses from Nikki at Bible Study and the present from Renee and then today we all went over to CaLea’s house and had fondue and watched a movie…shall we dance.  I’ve seen it before and though Richard Gere isn’t my favorite actor, its still a good movie 🙂  I love those girls.  Plus I got my spanish test back today and I got a 96% on it!!!  I was so excited…I was expecting much worse…I was so out of it when I took it!  Then my debate class was cancelled today…and today was supposed to be our first debate, but my prof wasn’t back yet…he’s the head of the debate team and they won their competition so they didn’t make it back on time.  Instead I sat and read my Bible for an hour and a half…I’m through Deuteronomy now!  That was pretty exciting!

Not too much else to update on.  I don’t think I’m going home this weekend either…I am either going to the metro conference we have here at wayne or I am going to girls night at one of the girls place whose in IV at Uof M Dearborn on friday evening and then I want to go to church on sunday.  I’m aiming for next weekend…lol…and even then it will be an abbreviated visit.  Dee asked me to help at the couples dinner on the evening of the 25th (a saturday).  Hopefully I can leave for home after class on thursday and then be home thursday evening, all friday and then saturday morning/early afternoon.  I am going to get my membership transfered over to the Shores church pretty soon.  I love it there…mom misses me, but she said she can’t complain too much if its the church that is keeping me from home 😉 lol.  Kinda crazy huh?  How many college students do you know say “sorry mom I can’t come home this weekend, I have to go to church.”  Its sad that there aren’t more…but I love my church here.  Anyway…I should probably get to bed…I have my lovely government class tomorrow morning!  Love and blessings to you all! ~ T

PS I thought this layout was pretty funny! hehe


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