I tried ostrich…yep…just another “weird” thing to add to the list.  It wasn’t even weird though.  I went to Fuddruckers last night with my teammates after Laura’s skating exhibition and got an ostrich burger.  They all thought I was a little crazy   It tasted just like a normal burger…but it was a little drier…I think because it probably  has less fat and grease.  It was good though.   That was my big adventure for yesterday though.  I haven’t been up to too much lately, just school and running pretty much.  I took today off though…it’d been two weeks since I took a day off.  I was going to take tomorrow off, but I was pretty tired after the past couple days so today was it.  I might get up to run tomorrow morning before church, I guess it depends on how late I go to bed tonight!  I went to bed last night at like 1:30…well, 2 by the time I got to sleep…we were up watching Turner and Hooch on tv…good movie.  I wanted to sleep in and get a solid nine hours in…no, I can’t do that can I?  I wake up at 9…but manage to sleep for another half hour for a grand total of 7.5.  Why doesn’t my body realize that weekends are meant for sleep? lol.  Oh well.  Today I didn’t really do much…I guess I did but it sure feels like I did a whole lotta nothing! lol…I got up and filled out the WSU university-wide scholarship application, then I filled out the FAFSA form, and then I did some laundry…and I have half of my history paper written.  I have to finish the rest of it after I’m done here.

I got an A on my first debate  and on my debate test…that was pretty exciting.  I have a history midterm on thursday that I need to study for…not looking forward to that one too much!  Hmmm…what else…oh yea…in debate on thursday I heard some really sad news.  None of you probably know them…well…kels, you might remember who they are…but anyway.  I raced these two girls from Goodrich in xc and track in high school.  I ran the 1600 and 3200 against them at state last spring…Kayla and Kaitlin O’Mara…they’re identical twins and really good (they beat me, though not by too much  they’re juniors this year).  About three weeks ago…I think January 25th…or right around there…they were in a really bad car accident with another girl on their team.  Kayla died and Kaitlin and the other girl are in critical condition in the hospital.  I guess from what I have read they are responsive now, but still in really bad shape…they were in a coma for a long time.  I couldn’t believe it when I heard it…its not that I was really good friends with them or anything, but I’d talked with them before, and raced against them…its so crazy to think that one of them is gone and the other is lying in a hospital bed.  Last I heard she doesn’t even know her sister died.  They taped the funeral so that she could watch it someday if she is ever ready.  Sixteen years old and gone…its heartbreaking.  Life is so precious…I take mine for granted all too often.  Lord, help me to always remember to be grateful for the little things in life, and to take the time to stop and help someone in need, to make that phone call just to say hi…because I never no when that opportunity will be taken from me.


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