I have an announcement to make…according to national geographic, contrary to popular belief, elephants are NOT afraid of mice!  If you go to any zoo (that has elephants, which would eliminate the detroit zoo) chances are that mice and elephants are living in the same quarters.  The mice eat the grain and nest in they hay that is so common to elephant habitats.  I thought you all should know that…it’s pretty important stuff πŸ˜‰ lol

Well do they?  Since we are talking about animals anyway πŸ˜‰

Aside from the animal talk…do you know awesome God is??  I love the song from this CD “You are God alone.”  It is so true.  I went to morning devos this morning…which no one else showed up to…do they thing friday is the day to skip or something???  Rob didn’t show for the second week in a row and neither did Ross…Patrice hasn’t been back for a couple weeks either…hmmmm??  I read in 1st Samuel for an hour.  Can you believe I’m that far already in my mission to read the Bible before the end of semester?  While I am reading in the Old Testament it amazes me how many times the Israelites blatantly turned from Christ and disobeyed him…then it makes me think…we do the same thing.  We may not melt gold and craft a physical idol…but we put things in front of Christ all the time.  I put so many activities ahead of him…even my sleep.  We have a prayer meeting thursday mornings at 7am…an hour before devotions.  Rob and Carmen are the only ones who have been going but since the Sanctuary conference I’ve felt like I should go…but I haven’t.  Well…wednesday night I was getting ready to climb into bed and God said “prayer tomorrow.”  I said “God I need sleep.”  He said prayer.  I set my phone alarm for normal devotion wake up time.  He said prayer.  I set my watch alarm for prayer time…I never wake up to my watch.  I said…wake me up with my watch alarm, have Rob call me in the morning for prayer AND I can’t be exhausted…I have to feel rested and awake.  Guess what…all three things happen the next morning.  God certainly likes to laugh at us doesn’t he? 

Then after sunday’s service about giving and tithing and stuff  I got to thinking wednesday night as I laid in bed.  Pastor was talking about how God wants our firstfruits, our best.  He doesn’t want our leftovers.  I realized…well…God was showing me…that I haven’t been giving him my best.  I have been giving him the leftovers of my day.  I say “sorry God, I have to go to bed and sleep…all you get is a chapter and a quick prayer.”  Did you know that if we were to tithe of our day…time speaking…we would be giving God 2 hours and 24 minutes of our day?  Imagine what would happen  if we all committed to giving God the first 2 hours and 24 minutes of our day.  I’m not saying that I am going to start getting up at 5 every morning…though it may be something God does call me to sometime…I hope not πŸ˜‰ hehe…but now that I said that you know whats going to happen don’t  you? lol.  I think the point he’s trying to get across to me is he doesn’t want my leftovers…he wants my best.  It does’t have to be at 5am…but he wants all of me when I sit down to spend time with him.  He doesn’t want me to rush through it…he wants quality time with me.  I find no trouble investing a couple hours to a solid workout…I shouldn’t then, find trouble investing a couple hours per day to God.  He’s the one who’s given me these 24 daily hours.  In the words of the song…”You’re the only God who’s worthy of everything we can give.”  Let’s give him our best.


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