I love sundays 🙂  I think its probably because I love my church 🙂  Today’s service was awesome…we had a guest speaker…Randy Ruiz.  He was so good!  I wish you all could come to church with me…you would love it!  We went long today…until 12:30ish or just after…but that was alright…then I went to wendy’s with vicky and nikki and got back a few minutes ago…just before two.  Later this afternoon I’m going out to eat with Rob, Rachael and Carmen.  I think I’m going to head over the the rec center and get a run in or something…maybe go outside, I’m not sure.  I should go on the treadmill…I’ve run concrete every day this week I think except tuesday. 

Yesterday was a good day 🙂 My run…wow…the wind was so wicked.  It was blowing about 23 mph and gusting up to 34 mph!  I felt like I was getting nowhere!  One gust literally stopped me in my tracks, in the middle of an intersection!  Good thing it wasn’t one of those that I was running through trying to make it at the last minute 😉 hehe.  The amazing thing…I still ran under 8 minute pace!  lol.  Then yesterday afternoon I went up to babysit at church for the couple’s dinner.

Friday was an awesome day too.  Mel and I went and ran out at Belle Isle…that was fun!  It was really windy then too…but the best part…I ran 5.5 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was super excited about that!  After running she drove me around a couple different places so I could get to know the city better.  We came back to the apartment and then went out to eat at mexicantown.  OH MY GOODNESS…the bakery!  After we ate we went across the street to the bakery…they had the pastry things that I would buy at the bakery in Ecuador!!!  I was sooooooo excited.  They were just as good as I remember them being three years ago!  It was the highlight of my day I promise you! lol.  It was awesome!  Its dangerous now that I know how to get there too…I can’t let myself go or I will get fat 😉 hehe.  We went to the women’s hockey game that night and then we played cranium turbo back at the apartment. 

Its just been a few awesome days!  I should probably get going now if I am going to work out today…or it will never get done! lol…have a great week ya’ll!


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  1. You are so lucky! Not fair that you enjoy your church! The next time you are home you have to do my hair and help me with my xanga. I can’t get a picture on and I want to change my background but it wont let me do either! makes me mad!

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