Florida in two days baby!!!!!!  It’ll be fun 🙂  Its supposed to be in the 80’s though…thats hot!  I’ll make it 😉 hehe.  I’m not looking forward to flying, but I have been taking my ginger and tomorrow I am going to go to CVS to see if they have those magnetic things you wear on your wrists…I’ve heard from a lot of people they work great!  Hopefully!  I did my first “workout” today since I think october.  We went over to the university of windsor to the indoor track.  I did a two mile warm up and then two 800’s and four 400’s.  It went alright.  I wish I was faster, but I’ll get there eventually I guess.  I am going to die in that steeplechase! lol…but its gonna be so much fun! hehe!  I researched a little bit about it…its seven and a half laps…makes sense since its a 3000…and the first half lap there are no hurdles, but in the following seven laps there are five hurdles each including a water jump.  Its gonna be crazy hard!  lol…I’m hoping there are other slow people like me there!  I’m gonna be jumping 35  hurdles including a water pit five times!  I promise you I’m insane! 

Bible study last night was awesome!  We had between 25 and 30 people there!  It was great 🙂  PK’s house was packed for sure, but it was awesome.  A lot different than the nine or so people that were going when I first started.  There were probably five or so people that were hom from other colleges on break, but there was still a lot of people without them.  It was pretty cool…Josiah and Stephen came again so it was good to see them…I had a good talk with Vicky and one with Renee.  It was a good night!  There were even a couple people who didn’t show up that normally do.  Today was good too…morning devos 🙂  I am so thankful for morning devos!  I don’t know what I’d do without them…I guess start some! lol.  Then I had class and class again…but it was sweet, I got out of my debate class a half hour early so I got a half hour extra of Bible reading 🙂  I’m over halfway through 1st Kings!  I’m getting there…and I have James chapter 1 memorized now…on to chapter two!  I need to keep going…I have less than two months for four more chapters!  hehehe.  I skipped out of spanish early…I had to go to a meeting…but I did leave spanish ten minutes earlier than I really needed to…I just wanted to get outta there.  Its terrible I know…I just hate the dumb busywork.  Next semester’s lit class will be better…I know it!  lol. 

Tomorrow promises to be a busy day.  Class and then I have to take my dumb computer to the C&IT…the computer place…it says it has a virus, and then I run the virus scanner and it says it doesn’t have a virus and then it gives me all these stupid popups…some bad ones too!  I’m frustrated with it…so I’m taking it in! lol.  I just want it fixed! Computers…grrrr!  Oh, but I got a 125% on the test I just took in that class 🙂  Crazy isn’t it! lol.  Then I have my second class…and then its off to practice.  I’m going to try to make it to church after practice and then I have to do laundry and get packed…and I have to fit a trip to CVS in there too! hehe.  I should probably get to bed then so I have the energy to do it all tomorrow!  This has been waaaay long anyway! hehe!  Love to you all! ~ T


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  1. Hey sis!Hope you have fun in Florida, relax, and just have a great steeplechase run! Just be careful not to hurt yourself. And yes you are insane but I love ya anyway! lol. That’s awesome that you have so many going to Bible study! If I get to come and stay with you for my spring break will I be going? I know you will be able to learn/memorize all that you need/want to memorize. When you set your mind to it you almost always are able to do it. Anyway I will talk to you later. Have fun! 

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