Back from the sunny beaches of Florida!  It was an awesome trip!  I had sooo much fun ๐Ÿ™‚  It started off in Orlando with the Disney Relays meet and guess what…I won the steeplechase!!!  It was super exciting.  Granted there were only three of us in the race, but I won it nonetheless!  And besides, both of the other girls had run steeple before, and when the gun went off I still hadn’t gone over either a normal barrier/hurdle or the water jump! lol.  It was so much fun though!  Its my new favorite race ๐Ÿ™‚  Our 4x1mile relay was okay…I was pretty tired after that steeple, we won’t even talk about the 5k I ran the  next morning at 9am…that was brutal!  Then last sunday we drove out to the beach at Clearwater, monday we went to Disney’s MGM studios (which we had to pay for ourselves along with the other parks and stuff), Tuesday we had a workout at the University of Central Florida’s track and then that evening four of us went to Medieval Times to eat.  That was sooo awesome!  It was well worth the fifty bucks I had to shell out to go!  Wednesday half of us went to Blizzard Beach…a Disney water park.  That had to be my favorite thing of the trip…it was great!  I hit 58 mph going down the huge speed slide! It was awesome!  The best part though was the tobaggan racers…all six of us could race at the same time…I think we raced fifteen plus times!  I was the “silver medalist” hehe…lance won! lol.  Then letsee…thursday we drove five hours to Miami Beach.  If you ever need to stop for food, don’t stop in west palm beach, you will end up driving around for twenty minutes without finding a single restaurant and then when you finally find denny’s it will be the worst restaurant in the world.  lol.  Good times.  We went straight to the beach when we got to Miami Beach since we couldn’t check into our hotel yet…we were all body surfing and stuff…tons of fun!!!  I have a little color in my skin now ๐Ÿ™‚  AND I didn’t burn at all!  Thats pretty cool!  Friday was just spend on the beach and walking around to the stores and stuff…I hung out with Laura and Rachelle a lot…that was really cool being able to get to know them more and stuff.  Then saturday was the Miami Hurricane meet…we didn’t have to run until way late so we went to the mall for a little while. We (the girls) didn’t end up racing until 7:30 pm…but it was so nice…it wasn’t roasting hot like the middle of the day.  We ran the 3k…I was happy with how I ran…11:38…nothing spectacular by any means, but it was a solid time and I’m pretty happy with it…its a good starting point!  Our guys ran awesome in their 5k!  Mehay won it, ABD was second, Lance fourth and Fecht was fifth.  We got back to the hotel from the meet about 9:30 and then just walked around…I went to bed at 2:30 am and was up at 6:30 so we could leave.  Thankfully I slept most of the plane ride so I didn’t get motions sickness or anything for once!  I could write so much more, but I have to go run now!  I have an 8 miler to put in so I hit 40 miles this week!!!!!!!!  Yaaaay!  Love to all! ~T


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