I promise you they try to make you hate the spanish language and make you never want to speak another word of it again.  Honestly, the spanish classes here are awful!  They are soooo incredibly boring and full of busy work!  I can’t wait for Argentina when I can just speak and practice the language.  I really don’t want to take another spanish class here, but I guess I’ll suffer through them just because I don’t want to lose what I know and they are pretty easy however boring they are.  I have a test tomorrow and I just did fifty pages in my stupid workbook that I forgot I had to do…just more busy work that takes forever and doesn’t do anything to help you!  Okay okay…done complaining about that.

I ran 5 miles today…took it a little easy…it’ll be my shortest run of the week.  I had six and a half monday, eight and a half yesterday, five today…tomorrow off!!!!…six friday, six saturday and eight sunday.  Guess what…I got my orthotics today!!!  We’ll see how they work out!  I can’t run in them yet…I have to wear them for a while…about a week probably to break them in first.  But I actually have them now…pretty exciting stuff.  Tomorrow I’ll just get in the pool for a half hour or so…something to keep me moving a bit.

Tomorrow should be a pretty busy day…morning devos, breakfast with sarah, spanish test, pool, extra credit spanish thing, taking rachelle to pick up chinese…I’m tired already!  I made a pumpkin pie today 🙂  Just because it sounded good! lol…random I know.  I should get to bed, I’m exhausted…love to all!!!


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