That’s a pic from my steeplechase in florida. 🙂  I might get to run it again in one of our upcoming meets 🙂  I’m pretty excited about that!  I haven’t updated in a while so I thought I would.  This weekend was nice…I didn’t do much but sit on my butt 🙂  A nice change from the usual!  I went to the movies friday with Renee and watched “She’s the Man.”  It was pretty good…and I love the soccer aspect 😉  Other than that all I did over the weekend was run.  Forty miles last week!  I asked coach if I could run a ten miler this sunday…we’re going to talk tomorrow about some stuff and he’ll let me know.  I’m done with classes for the week now so thats nice!  Today is my off day so that means pool time!  Steph is getting in the pool with me today.  I have to talk to coach to see if I can do that triathalon this summer or I’m thinking about the 5/3 riverbank run…we’ll see what he says.  Not too much else is going on…I had to debate today…I got an A and my professor said I had some of the best and most qualified evidence he’s seen so far!  That was cool.  I get to go home this weekend…I leave tomorrow after practice.  We are going to the lake on saturday, yaay!  I haven’t been there in forever, and it might be the last time I get to go down since grandma sold it 😦  We’re gonna make one last stop at B&G too…haha.  For those of you who don’t know what it is…its just this store that has a little bit of everything, and I mean everything, in it for cheap.  Its always fun to go see what they have.  Its mom’s birthday on saturday too…I’m actually staying home on sunday too because forrest’s birthday is friday and he’s gonna come home sunday so he can get his cake! lol.  Too bad I can’t eat it 😦 lol.  Ah well…won’t kill me (its actually better for me! hehe)  I hope you all have a great weekend!!!!


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  1. Good luck on your running! I can’t imagine running many miles, probably, could do onlya few kilometers on the threadmill. Do need the exercise.Also saw, “She’s the Man” last wekend with my ten year old nephew and liked it. The lead actress… forgot her name was cute! hehehe. I remember my old high school days when I played soccer, and was even the goal keeper.Have a good weekend and have fun!Gil

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