Its been a while I know!  I’ve been pretty crazy busy lately!  I just got back from lifting a couple minutes ago and I tell you what…my arms are like jello!  haha!  Its only the second day I have gone lifting in a loooong time.  I went on wednesday with Mel and I met Luiz at the rec center today to lift.  It was good though.  I’m excited about getting back into it more.  My sister is here with me right now…I met mom on tuesday to get her…we leave for acquire the fire tonight…it should be fun 🙂  Tomorrow I’ll have to get up at like 6 in the morning for my run…on the treadmill at the hotel!  haha….BUT the good news: I no longer have to run 8 miles tomorrow!!! yaaay!  Instead I’m running 8/8.5 today and 4 I think tomorrow.  I can handle a half hour on the treamill waaay better than an hour! lol.  I have to do a workout today though…mile repeats…its on my own though.  I’ll go in a couple hours…I need to give my arms some recovery time! hehe. 

Last weekend I went home.  That was good.  We went down to the lake 🙂  I love it down there, and I finally ate at the “famous” Yogi’s.  lol.  We made a stop at B&Gs…good stuff there last weekend!  hehe.  Sunday afternoon the grandparents came over for forrest’s birthday.  I am really looking forward to my church this week 🙂  Mom and Dad are coming down sunday and going to church with me and then taking Tabitha home.  Sunday afternoon too I am going to the movies with Vicky and Renee and maybe others, I don’t know.  It’ll be fun.  All in all everything is going well 😀  My workout on tuesday was awesome!  I’m going for another one today!  I should keep on going though…love to all! *T*


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