Awesome CD!!!!  I bought it yesterday 😀  Steph and I drove to meijer at 9:30pm so she could buy the new Rascal Flatts CD and I decided I wanted it so I threw it into the cart 😉 hehe.  I actually spent less at meijer than I normally do, even with the CD.  There wasn’t much I needed this week.  I have some good news, and some bad news.  The good…my workout was AWESOME on friday!  My mile repeats went sooo well.  The bad news, my leg started hurting again on saturday.  It makes no sense if it is the bone again.  I have been running again for three months now…its so frustrating.  I ran four miles saturday morning at like 5:30 and my leg was complaining.  I skipped my ten miler on sunday after calling coach and talking to him about it and tried running monday.  I ran a RenCen (6.5 miles) and my leg was hurting.  Yesterday was elliptical and today I dunno yet, I have to go see the trainers after my academic advising appointment.  God has it all under control though, I just have to trust him!  So about battle cry…

Battle cry here in Detroit was AWESOME!!!!!! Having just recently moved downtown from the other side of the state for college I walk and run through the city every day and see so many people who need to be told the truth. There are so many hurting people in this city. It has become cold, desolate, and looked down on by the rest of the nation. Battle Cry gave me a new hope for this city I call home for the next few years at least. Together we can make a difference! I cannot wait for teams to come this summer to help radically turn this city upside down! It’s time we take a stand.

Monday and tuesday (yesterday) here on campus, at Wayne State, we (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, of which I am a member) organized a 24 hour scripture reading and prayer. My shift was at 7 this morning. I thought I was just praying, however when I arrived I realized I would be reading as I was the only relief person. We had a table set up in the middle of campus complete with a microphone and we sat and read for everyone to hear. I ended up reading aloud for two hours straight as people began to get up for the morning and walk to classes. It was amazing. It was only by God’s greatness that I made it the two hours. My throat was so scratchy and dry, I had drank my water all within the first hour (I was only anticipating an hour of being there in the first place) and I wanted to fall asleep. However, in our weakness he is strong and he made a way. We went until 5 today and for three hours while people prayed we blared gospel music that you could hear all over campus and toward the end we played some worship music. It was awesome…I thank God for all the people who were willing to take a bold stand and “risk their reputation” with others by deciding to read, outloud for all to hear them, the words of the Holy Bible. It is my prayer that we will see many of the seeds planted today come to fruitation.

May you all have a blessed week, full of courage and boldness as you raise your battle cry for our generation.


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