I don’t like my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Its making this squeaking, screeching noise when I drive and it is driving me craaaazzzzzyyyyy!  The bad thing —> I’m not at home for Dustin to fix it!  lol…soooo I am taking it to a place in Roseville (its up by church).  I asked people last night at Bible study where I could take it that they would be fair and not rip me off.  They gave me the names of two places, one PK takes his vehicles to all the time and the other one a guy from the church works at.  I called that one this morning and I have to take my car in at two today.  Dustin said its probably the brakes that need to be fix/replaced, whatever.  Pray its not an expensive fix!!!  Today is studying (I just need the motivation), running and taking my car in.  Its a university-wide study day so no exams or anything.  I have a debate test tomorrow, won’t be bad at all.  Thursday is my history exam, I need to study like mad for that, and friday is my spanish exam…that won’t be bad.  I just need to look over the vocab for spanish.  Only 35 days until Argentina!!!! wooohoooo!  Oh get this…my government class, yesterday  I took an test that I really didn’t have to take.  I had an A in the class whether I took the last test or not and without taking the final (bizarre huh?).  I took the last test just because, without going to lecture and without reading over the notes from anyone, and I got a 98% on theh test.  How crazy!  Its pretty funny that I can get a 98 on a college government test off of just what I know and what I remember from HS! Not too much else going on right now I guess…I can’t race friday 😦  Well…the trainers said I might be able to, but they wouldn’t know until wednesday for sure if I could and yesterday was the last day to register so they told me not to waste twenty five bucks registering when they weren’t certain they were going to let me.  I’m kinda bummed, but oh well, not too much I can do about it.  Saturday I leave for a week up north for InterVarsity Chapter Focus Week.  It’ll be good 🙂  I’m excited!  Well…I think I am going to head out, get to studying or something!  Have a great week everyone!!!


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