Its two in the morning…I don’t know why I’m writing except to let everyone know I’m still alive…back from up north which was amazing!  It was great to get away…no internet…no phone except to talk to my mom once…trails through the woods to run on…a lot of God-time…building relationships…it was awesome no doubt about it.  (the pic above is from cedar campus :)Bible study was awesome tonight too…fellowship afterward…do I need to say anything else other than that its ten after two and I just got back fifteen minutes ago? 😉 hehe.  This week will be so nice, just relaxing and hanging out with friends 🙂  yaaay!  Okay I’m rambling on and I need t go to bed…no alarm for tomorrow morning…just sleep!  Remember, God is awesome and its so awesome that he loves each and every one of us so much!!!!!


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