Another late night update for you…probably because I slept until 11:30 today!  I know!  I never ever ever sleep that late!  It was great though…I didn’t even change out of my shorts and oversized t-shirt I slept in until like 4:30 in the afternoon…lol…and then only because I had to throw some running clothes on and get my butt out the door.  It was so great just being lazy with nothing whatsoever to do…I couldn’t do it all the time, but for tonight it was nice   I read a book this afternoon…yep, a whole book.  I have a large stack of books to read, some I got for Christmas that hadn’t been read yet, because I haven’t read anything but the Bible since Christmas…three hours and it was done  hehe.  Thank you Lord for days like today!  He knows exactly what we need when we need it and today was perfect!  This evening I went to Christy’s…it was so nice, we made some dinner and just sat around and talked.  It was great.  Molly and Anna came later and hung out too…fun times.  God has blessed me so much…I am amazed at how he has blessed me and given me such awesome Christian friends.  He is faithful if we just follow him!  Tomorrow I don’t have anything to do all day until Powerhouse at night.  I have to run of course, but other than that nothing.  I think I am going to clean things out…go through my closet and dresser, papers and everything…throw stuff away and maybe start to figure out what I am taking to Argentina.  Maybe.  Some of the cleaning and sorting will definitely get done…the Argentina part…probably not.  I’ll probably be packing the night before I leave! hahaha!  Well…I think I am going to get going…I might try to get a little sleep, no promises though…this week is going to mess me up…lol…I have stuff planned for every night except saturday so far, late nights and late mornings…I’m liking it!  hahaha!  Love you all!!


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