Hey everyone!!!  I’m still alive if anyone was concerned 😉 probably not, but its a nice thought…hehehe.  I’m home so I’m not on the computer very much…its kinda nice yet at the same time I like having the constant high speed at the apartment.  At home its still dial-up!  Oh well…it works anyway 🙂  Its been nice being home.  I’ve had stuff to do and I have been able to spend time with my family.  Yesterday I got to spend all morning and early afternoon with my daddy 🙂  I was really excited on wednesday, I got to go to the last home track meet at saranac.  That was definitely a highlight…and tomorrow I am going to the regional meet.  Its the thing I miss most about high school…probably the only thing I really miss (except for the fact that its sooo much cheaper being in high school…for me anyway not my parents 😉  I’m getting pretty excited for Argentina (said with a spanish accent).  Only ten days away!!!!  Is that awesome or what??  People keep asking me if I am scared or nervous…right now its just excitement.  Everyone tells me its dangerous down there right now…my reply: I live in detroit…haha!  I’m not denying the fact that yes it can be dangerous at times, but it can be dangerous anyplace at times.  I know that God wants me there and he will take care of me.  My life isn’t mine, its his to do with as he pleases and if he wants me in Buenos Aires, then thats where I am going to go and I couldn’t be more excited!  God is awesome…I would have never imagined a few years ago having this opportunity.  He has blessed me so much.  I pray that he blesses each and every one of you even more than he has me.  Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!! ~T


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  1. just stubled across your blog via “a missioary’s life” blogring. I agree missions and running. . . it really doesn’t get much better. 🙂 South America? do you have a particular country in which u want to serve?  do tell me your pb/pr’s. . .i used to be freako runner boy. I’m pretty tame by now. 🙂 i guess you’re running at the college level now?

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