Less than 12 hours to take off!!!  Woohooo!  I leave for Argentina today!  I’m so excited!  I have to leave for the airport in 8 hours and guess what…I haven’t even begun to pack!  WHAT?! you might say…WHY am I sitting here typing then instead of packing???  Well…I just went for my run and I have to ice my ankle so I thought I’d do something productive and leave a little update for you since I haven’t done such a thing in over a week 😉  So I’ll ice, then shower, then do laundry, then pack 🙂  I’m so excited! 😀  Its been a great weekend though!  God has blessed me sooo incredibly much.  He has given me such awesome friends.  InterVarsity threw me an awesome going away party…it was great seeing a bunch of my friends before I left…even some of my friends from U of M Dearborn came!  It was awesome!  Then saturday I slept until noon…I don’t know how! lol…I woke up at 9 (I had gone to bed around 2:30) and thought…nooo I am getting more sleep…so I rolled over and slept 🙂  After I got up I could have packed some, but instead found myself rearranging stuff in my room…lol.  Then I had to run and shower and then my sister, Rob, Anthony and I grilled steaks and had a picnic dinner outside our apartment building! 🙂 

Sunday was church…I love church!  After church was the Memorial Day weekend parade.  I walked in it by the Powerhouse youth float passing out water bottles with the church information on them.  We passed out 6000 water bottles AND ran out!  After the parade was the free family festival.  I was there for a little while…it was sooo incredibly hot!  But then I left to go back downtown and take a shower because I went up to Bethesda’s College group service.  There are some of us from the Shores Church that go up there every once in a while to hang out and interact with other college people.  Some of them come to our Bible Study on monday nights too 🙂  After that I went to Renee’s house where I had to run 8 miles.  I ran there because it was safe for me to run in the dark there.  I didn’t start running until 8:45! lol.  After that we watched a movie and Kendra brought over the suitcase of stuff I have to bring down to Argentina for the missionary our church supports.  I got home around 12:30, to bed at 1 and up at 7:15 to run!  Its been busy but good!!!

Well…I need to go jump in the shower now!  God bless you all and I’ll try to post some pictures from Argentina every once in a while!!!  Much love! ~T


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