Hola de Argentina!!!

Wow…I love it down here already!  I have to admit though I am pretty tired right now.  I have had a couple really full days!  My time down here started out a little rough though!  I spent my first night in Argentina in a hospital!  Yep, thats right.  I almost died of carbon monoxide poisoning.  I don’t have time to explain the whole situation, because I have to take off to church…but I was dangerously close to death.  It is only by God’s amazing grace that I am still here!  He has me here for a reason!  I have been downtown three days in a row now (a half hour ride by train, subway or car).  I’m living in the “suburbs” so to speak.  In Acassuso.  Next week though I’ll be moving to San Lucila which is two train stops closer to downtown and my church is in Martinez, one train stop down…which are pretty close.  I’ve been running every day, but I’ve had to turn into a morning runner, because its safer to run in the morning!  I must go now though.  Chau!



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  1. I’m glad you’re ok Teresa. I’ve been praying for you…..keep me updated and enjoy your summer!!!

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