Crazy thought of the day: Peanut butter is an international food!


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  1. we ate peanut butter in the Philippines and here as well. 🙂 What type of work are u diong in Argentina?  I know in the past yrs, they have experienced an incredible move of God throughout that country.  5:21 mile – a very good time.  You would win a lot of meets w/ that time.  A good friend of mine in high school ran around that time and won State in KY. . . IN generaly produces faster times.  I hope you can stay injury free next season. Have fun in Argentina. Blessings

  2. Hey sis! That is sooooooooooo crazy of a thought! Oh my word! lol. sorry had to, well I didn’t but anywho. Just wanted to say HEEYYYYYYYY! Oh and I really like that icon like two entrys before this one with the dude I believe off of Relient K that says “never underestimate my Jesus” that’s awesome! And we shouldn’t underestimate him, especially you with your first day/night down in Argentina. What a testimony that’s going to be! Anywho got to go. Oh oh oh! Guess what?!?!?……..You are never going to believe this!…………..I…….am….. out……of…………and………..I…………….a……..JUNIOR! Can you believe that?!? Well actually it isn’t official, haven’t gotten grades yet but I’m confident. It seem like just yesterday me and you were playing with our Barbie dolls…..wait that was just yesterday for me. lol. just kidding. Love you. Mom’s calling to start getting ready for bed. So ttyl. Love your little sis! (you know you do! )

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