Argentina is such an incredible place…I love it!  The food is great, the people are great, the places to run are great, the touristy shopping areas are great and most of all the way God is moving down here is amazing!!!!!  God is doing something powerful and awesome here and I am so excited to be a part of it!  He is just pouring himself out on those who are hungry for more of him…and the people here are hungry!  I think thats the difference between here and the states.  The people here have more of a passion, more of a hunger for more of the Lord.  We give God our 60 to 90 minutes every sunday and if church goes long, that should be a cardinal sin.  I too confess to being irritated at church when the sermon goes long, and am guilty of being too passive in my walk with the Lord, but I want more.  I want to be more than an “ordinary christian” – I want more of God.  I have sat in 3+ hour services every day this past week except on tuesday…and I did two not yesterday but the sunday before so it averages…haha…and it has been amazing.  They really don’t have church every day, but it was a special week celebrating don and melba (the missionary pastors) being in latin america for 30 years.  We also on saturday had a groundbreaking ceremony for the new sanctuary that is going to be built.  It is awesome.  This week we have services tuesday, wednesday, saturday and sunday…and I will be at them all…and we have cell groups on friday.  Durning the day this week we are making lunch (prep, serving and clean up) for a building team that has come from texas to do projects around the church and in the contacto house (the university ministry house). Weekend nights we are out really late with the students (as in 4 in the morning!) bonding with them and helping to bring the students together.  While there are quite a few university students in the church they have their groups of friends and they don’t really know the others that well.  Many of them are newcomers as well so we are helping in that area.  Please pray for the students to come together as a group and for them to have that passion that is sweeping through this church and across the nation.  I have to get going…I have to get some groceries soon!  Much love to you all!!!


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