Working up the motivation to get off my bum and go run

I need a haircut…I’m going to try to find a good peluqueria on my run today 🙂  We’ll see how that goes!

I want to cry…less than a week left here.  I’m ready to see family and friends…and it was good to talk to some of my friends last night!  And I’m ready for american gum and peanut butter, but other than that I am going to miss this place like crazy.  Wow…yeah, its gonna be rough.

Tonight is church 🙂  Afterward, who knows what we’ll end up doing 😉 hehehe.  Last wednesday it was a chinese restaurant (which was much much better than any in the states) and a trip to the river at 12:30 in the morning! haha

Tomorrow I get to play futbol again!  yaaay!  We also have to go downtown to the bookstore to pick up some books for Dave.  He is gone until friday…and we are house-sitting…watching the dogs, the house, you know.  But we have the white phone!  woohoo!  Its the phone that lets us call the US of A.

Friday we are having a girls night after cell groups…girls only…no boys allowed! haha.  It is gonna be fun :):):)  Saturday is contacto at night…but I think we have something to do earlier, not sure.  We are grilling burgers and stuff saturday night.

Sunday is church 😀  I’m going down to rey de reyes for the 4pm service so I can finally hear claudio speak and then afterward I am heading straight to my church so I can see everyone.

Because I leave monday night 😥  No quiero salir.  Nunca quiero salir.  Mi familia y amigos deben venir aca a vivir.  Ellos necesitan traerme chicle y mantequilla de mani cuando vienen!  Me encanta Argentina.  Gracias a Dios para darme esta oportunidad a venir aca.  Ahora me voy…tengo que correr pronto! 🙂

Besitos a todos!


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