I have to leave “today” to go back to the states…against my will.  Today/yesterday was great and at the same time awful.  I just had to say goodbye to most of my friends here in Argentina.  It was so hard.  I still have to say goodbye to a few more of them tomorrow before I head off to the airport.  Ahhh!  Its so hard.  I cried, more than once I might add.  Saturday night we had our contacto meeting…combining it with a goodbye party for me.  After we sang and talked and prayed and all we hung out for a while.  Then Gabriel and I went to Arnaldo’s and bought 4 kilos (8.8 pounds) of ice cream…and an ice cream cone for each of us while we drove it back to the contacto house where we proceded to eat insane amounts of ice cream.  I singlehandedly ate a half a kilo of ice cream (about a pound) or more…and thats no exaggeration!  Plus the two hamburgers before the ice cream!  It was good! haha.  Then about 2 in the morning we left to go ice skating…it was so much fun.  Wow…thats all I have to say is wow!  haha.  It was awesome…we were at the rink until 5 am…got back home around 6 when I had to clean up the insane mess that we left in the house! haha! 

I woke up “today” or sunday at 12:30 in the afternoon after going to bed at 7 and I ran and showered and took off at 3:30 for Rey de Reyes…Dave and Carol’s church to hear Claudio speak…he’s really the only “mega-pastor” for lack of a better word, that I had yet to hear down here.  There are a couple more really well known pastors I didn’t hear, but I got to hear the main ones.  That was a four hour church service and then we took off to come back so we could to go the church service at my church here…in martinez…we arrived at 8:30…an hour late, but we made it!  Afterward we all came to the contacto house…about 15 or so…maybe more…and had pizza and empanadas…another little goodbye party thing.  I cried…and then again…and again.   Tomorrow…or today…seeing as how its 2:30 am…I have to run, pack, go to jumbo to buy some food stuff to take home, Gabriel, Mariana and Diego are each coming at some point to say goodbye.  That is going to be insanely hard for me.  I’m guessing we are going to leave here about 6 to go down to the airport.  My flight leaves at 9 so I have to be there about 7.  Ahhh…I do not want to go…at all.  Everyone should just come visit me down here, bringing me peanut butter and american gum and all will be good!  🙂  Anyway…I have stuff to do before bedtime…see you all soon!



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  1. I don’t know what I’d do without the Holy Spirit!  God gave me intercession to finally fill a huge hole in my life.. a huge burden and I thank God so very much for that!  I hope everything’s been going well since you’ve been back from your trip!

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