Wow…it has been…well, forever since I put anything up here.  Thought I’d say hi.  I must say I haven’t given much thought to keeping this up lately.  I have been way too busy.  Then when I do get online, its facebook, email and talking to people.  I don’t have too much time right now…I’m exhausted and need to get to bed.  I said I was going to bed a couple hours ago but never got there.  I need to get some sleep though…I have to drive back home tomorrow morning…fun fun…at least its in the morning so it will be a little bit cooler…not much…but a tiny bit.  I’ll take what I can get, definitely!  Everything has been going well…aside from the exhausted part.  I took yesterday off running, and today as well.  I haven’t been able t get ahold of coach, but I decided they were two good days to take off with the heat index well over 100…tomorrow I’m running though…practice starts monday!  I have to get going.  Have a great night everyone!!  Bendiciones!


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