Águas Profundas

by David Quinlan

Vem sobre nós
Como a chuva
Faça às águas subirem neste lugar
Libera o teu rio
Sem medidas
Vem tuas águas agitar

Pois eu quero nadar..quero nadar, no teu rio
Quero beber…quero beber, de tuas águas

Ôôôôôô…ôôôôôô…. iê !!

Existem águas que dão nos artelhos
Existem águas que dão nos joelhos
Existem águas que dão nos lombos
Mas existem águas mais fundas. eu sei !!

This is an absolutely awesome song…I’m loving it lately!  (and its not even spanish…its portuguese! haha)  It says (mas o menos) – Come over us like rain, The waters will rise in this place, You river frees/liberates, Without measure your stiring waters…I want to swim, I want to swim, in your river, I want to drink, I wasnt to drink of your water…Water exists that comes to our ankles, Water exists that comes to our knees, Water exists that come to our backs, Waters exists more deep! I know!

Is pretty awesome 🙂  God is pretty awesome and amazing!  There has been so much going on lately…but God is always faithful and remains steadfast even in times of turbulance!  Praise Him for that!  I need to get going to get ready for my xc meet…I pray everyone has a blessed weekend!!!


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