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Un poco sobre mi vida las ultimas semanas!  This is just a little bit of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks 🙂  Not including the fact that I was able to go HOME this weekend…first time since the beginning of August!  I was so excited!  It was definitely nice to be home!

In other news…I’m done with cross country for the season.  I’m on downtime…recovery.  Next week I might be swimming…not pool running…swimming.  I don’t have to do anything, but I hate sitting around, sitting still…so since I don’t have to worry about getting in a workout…I am going to teach myself to swim!  haha…sure I can stay above water and move forward, but I am going to learn how to actually swim…and get that whole breathing thing down!  That should be interesting!

Do you know that thirst that cannot be quenched?  The one that no matter how much water you drink, gatorade you slug down, kool-aid you mix up…it seems that you will never satisty your thirst?  There must be something more that can satisfy your parched tongue.  Its this insatiable thirst that I have right now for more of God.  No matter how much I seek Him, no matter how much I thirst after Him it seems I can’t get enough of Him.  There is something more, something out of my reach and I want it.  At the same time I know its me…I am the only one standing in my way of getting it…of getting so much of Him that it overflows everywhere.  I am the one who doesn’t seek after Him enough…offering hollow excuses as to why I wasn’t faithful in waking up to bask in His love and His words in the morning…letting the busyness of all that is around me crowd out His voice, losing it amid all the distractions…letting the weight of the world weigh me down when His strong arms are waiting for me to drop all the weight into them.  It is only myself, and myself  only that gets in the way of more of Him.  He is waiting there patiently for me.  I claim to want more of Him, to want a fresh dousing of His spirit and His power, but I just stand by as if He will just come near to me…but He says draw near to me and I will draw near to you…I need to run after Him…I want more…but I am not willing to sacrifice the mundane daily activities that aren’t necessary in order to acercarme a Dios…to draw close to God.  Forgive me Father for my complacency and my lack of action.  I must press on…with His help I will press on, because I want more.  I am not satisfied…thankful for what He has given me, what I have, what I have experienced, but not content…I want more.


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