I am the biggest retard…okay maybe not…but I just spent the entire morning…well, the past two hours I’ve been up anyway…thinking that today was friday and I had to get ready to drive back to the D this evening.  Wow.  It finally dawned on me when I realized I am supposed to meet Jess at 9 friday morning and I panicked thinking I missed it, looked at my watch and saw it was only thursday.  Haha!  I should have realized it was only thursday since mom is at work and tabitha went over there a little while ago.  So I was a little confused this morning crazy stuff.

I feel like all I have been doing since I’ve been home is sleeping…yet at the same time, I’m still tired half the time.  Yesterday I took an hour and a half nap at four…I just laid down and went to sleep.  It was great.    Not too much going on…nothing crazy exciting.  I went grocery shopping with mom yesterday   Have I ever said I love grocery shopping?  Its even better when its not my money I have to spend hehe!  Not too much on the agenda for today…work out…I’ll probably go for a bike ride (I went to the YMCA yesterday, I got a guest pass to go, it was nice and the people there are great).  Then this evening dad will look a few things over on my car before I go back to the D tomorrow evening.  I’ll be back home then sometime on monday…might depend on what time I wake up  

Good news…I finished up my essay for my Bible class…all that’s left now is to complete the last lesson…I’m just about done with it and take the final   Yay!  Anyway…I should probably go do something…what I’m not sure yet, but something other than sit here!  haha!  Have a great day everyone!!!


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