Written yesterday:


I’m writing this offline right now.  I should be in bed, but what I should do and what I actually do isn’t always the same thing.  Today was a good day.  We got the Christmas decorations tore down…the tree did really well…we’ve had it over a month and it was still holding its needles really well.  What can I say, dad and I know how to pick ‘em!  I went on a nice bike ride today…it was another gorgeous, snowless day.  I must say I am craving some snow!  We are long overdue.  It’s unseasonably warm, and I think we must have broken a few records by now.  Today while we were tearing down the Christmas tree (which I still have a few presents to give out…hehe) but I had snatched some chocolate chips to munch on and I had just started chewing a handful when I had to sneeze.  In an effort to keep from spewing chocolate bits all over the dining room and boxes of decorations I tried to hold the sneeze in (never a good thing anyway).  Well in an effort to redirect the massive force that is a sneeze the chocolate bits were shot up into my nose.  It hurt!  I grabbed a Kleenex and guess what…I was blowing chocolate bits out of my nose!  (Great picture huh?).  I couldn’t get it all out right away; some was lodged up in there so I had to wait until it worked its way down.  Well, a little while later I blew my nose again and joked it was coming out as chocolate syrup because it had warmed up and melted while it was up there!  Hahaha!  I know, kind of gross right?  Ahh well, it was pretty funny…you should have been there.


Yesterday my family went out to eat at Bob Evans with grandma and then we were going to go bowling afterward.  Well…the bowling alley was full (they lied to my mom over the phone…they were pretty sneaky) and we would have had a long wait so my grandma gave mom some money, told her to find something to do with us and took off.  We all voted to go to Chuck-e-Cheese (is that how you spell it??).  It was great…there were seven of us…the youngest being my sister at 17…the oldest after mom being my brother at 28 playing with all these kids around.  It was so much fun, for some reason I remember all the games being a little bigger than what they were.  Especially the skee-ball…I could have gotten down on my knees to play and been perfectly fine!  Haha!  Fun times. 


Tomorrow I go back to the D.  School starts Monday…what joy!  Not really.  I don’t think I’m quite ready to go back…but then again, I don’t know that I’ll ever be!  It has definitely been different being home this break compared with last year.  Last year I made it home a little more over the semester and I was home the whole summer before so I wasn’t as home and country-side deprived.  This past semester has also just been so incredibly busy and I have been run down so much.  Its been so nice just relaxing!  Anyway…I should get going.  Be blessed today!


Little add-on…back in the D now…already missing dirt roads, grass, trees and cows! haha! 🙂


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