God is pretty much amazing.  I love him. 🙂

Today I went out to Great Lakes Crossing with Renee…picked up a few things.  It was fun times 🙂  I had never been out there before…except to gameworks for our senior overnighter almost two years ago.  I’ve driven by it a number of times…pretty cool mall though 🙂  When we got back to Renee’s house I fell asleep on the couch for a nice hour and a half nap 🙂  It was great!  After that I went up to Steph’s surprise party that Mel threw for her.  She leaves for Paraguay in less than a month! Craziness!  Though I have to say…I’m kind of jealous!  jeje!  It’s pretty awesome though…I’m excited for her!

Yeah…so not too much else to write at the moment…give me a few days and I might have more 😉  I made it through the first week of classes…though it feels like I’ve already been in class a few weeks!  Sheer madness I tell you.  My classes shouldn’t be too bad though. 🙂  I’m excited for InterVarsity this semester.  Should be good! 

Anyway…I should get to bed!

Church tomorrow…eehhh…today!  YAY!


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  1. Yeah, it’s most imperitive that a lot a prayer be done for the whole balloon animal thing… it’s a delicate art!  I’ve just started trying to catch up with everyone on Xanga.  I hope that God blesses you emmensly!

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