Hace demasiado no?

Yes, it has been a long time…far too long.  Every time I set out to write I either didn’t have anything to write or I didn’t think that what I had to write was of any interest to anyone.  Basically I felt blah about writing anything.  Today I realized cereal = love…and cereal suicides = more love.  =)  Not that I didn’t know that already, but it had been too long since I’ve sat down and had a good bowl of cereal…sure I’ve eaten cereal straight from the box, but to savor every bite in a bowl…that is love =) 

But in spite of the immense joy and love I find in a nice big bowl of cereal (shredded wheat and chex mixed together today), it is nothing compared to the sweet taste of Christ’s love.  Sometimes I go far too long without stopping and resting in His love, falling in love with Him more and more.  I’ll dip my hand into the box, grab a pinch of His love to pacify my longing for Him, but I don’t take the time to stop…pour myself a big dose of  Jesus and savor every moment.  I’m in too much of a hurry.  I’m too impatient.  I can’t decide if I want to sit and worship (have shredded wheat), spend time in prayer (chex), reading the word (honey nut cheerios)…so I just let time slip by me rather than decide that I am going to get down on my knees and pour myself out to Him, letting Him love me, letting Him restore me, letting Him be my source of sustinence and strength.  I’ll go so long it seems at times that I forget just HOW good it tastes to be in His presence, resting in Him, allowing His love to pour over me, but just a taste, just one bite, brings it all back and makes me come running back to Him, clamoring for more.  Let me tell you, at the bottom of that bowl, I was about ready to go run back to the pantry for some more.  How much more should it be with our Heavenly Father?  I should be constantly running back to Him, asking for more instead of letting hours, days, even a week pass by me without tasting and seeing how good He really is.  Don’t let another day slip by you without feasting on Christ, His Word, His love…Him.


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  1. you was born to minister, i tell you what. i think you get this from your mom. she always in her christmas letters used real life stories so people could relate better and understand better what christ is trying to get across to us.

  2. Its so ironic im sitting in you room and I just got done eating a bowl of Rasin Nut Bran and it tasted good and filled me up.  But you hit the head on the nail about getting a tast of Christ and letting him fill you up. I have let more time by that I should have In geting that tast of God.  This message totally spoke right to me and convicted me on the spot. We should not let a day slip by without getting a tast of our Lord Jesus Christ!  I love how the Lord uses the simplest things to get us back on track thank you mi hermolsa novia!  I pray that we can continualy grow in the Lord and let him fill our every need.

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